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Fourth Chinese blog in a row, and third Shanghainese place !
Haven’t blogged for awhile because I just came back from the snow all battered and bruised :( This is going to be a bit of a lazy post because I got takeaway to bring home to my sister, so apologies and I’ll get around to blogging properly again sooon :)


H L J Asian Express is probably one of the newer Shanghai food outlets around the city near Broadway (and by newer I mean …last year? so not really.)

It actually takes up two shops – one of them is a hotpot place and the other is a noodle place where you can buy pork buns and other assorted hot food for takeaway :) and they connect inside as well !


The noodle sign outside


Although the place is relatively new, the interior looks like any other typical Shanghai-style cafe, and the service is fast and efficient, if not a little haphazard. Although waiting for a takeaway meal taks about 10-15 minutes.


Honeyed BBQ Pork & Rice Noodle – $9.30

I forgot the menu name for this dish, but it had carrot, shallots, barbeque pork and lettuce strips, as well as mini prawns, and rice noodle infused with a tangy/spicy taste
Slightly chilli flavoured, with a sweet honey sauce ..interesting taste for rice noodle!


Chicken & Hokkien Noodle – $9.30

Again, no idea what this is. The ‘extras’ seem to be standard across all their dishes though, with carrot strips, shallots, soft chicken breast, onions and beansprouts
The noodles look a little flat in the picture (blame the takeaway box!), but they were bathed in peanut oil, so there was a lot of oil residue left at the bottom of the box afterwards. I guess if you like heartburn then you’d probably love these noodles, but my dad thought the oil was kind of old (no idea how he could tell, though)

I thought the food here was pretty good, and their boxes are epic insulators cos they still stayed quite warm after an hour plus bus trip home. Despite the abundance of oil, I’d come back – but probably not too much in case my arteries get clogged up.

I’m sure a place like this has its own cult following, and I’ve always been dying to try their buns – plus the noodles on the menu outside are pretty cheap so may as well give it a try :)


H L J Asian Express 大上海 (visited 07/06/09)
Shop 1 & 2, 849 George St
Sydney NSW 2000
Ph: 9280 0383


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