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Tokio Fans is possibly my dad’s favourite restaurant evaaarhhh. I’d say that this place is pretty much a monopoly in Bella Vista, just because I don’t think that there are (m)any other Japanese restaurants in Norwest, or at least in Norwest Business Park, anyway.

I’ve actually been here for lunch & dinner but I never blogged about the first time so here we go! First off, apologies for the dodgy photos T_T my phone camera is pretty crap ..especially at night (SE k800i ftw!)


Lunch @ Tokio Fans (03/04/09)
I remember I was in a pretty crappy mood this day (angry at my poor, loving father), but the food was so good I was cheered up instantly! :)  Another thing I also remember is the really pretty decor at Tokio Fans!!


They have these traditional Japanese lights and for a waterfront restaurant, everything’s nice and dry and there are nooo bugs anywhere!! (You also get an awesome view of Norwest Lake ..if you’re looking)


Instead of your regular placemats and tablecloths, Tokio Fans gives you a recyclable paper placemat, showing pictures of the different kinds of seafood and their respective Japanese names

‘Cos it was lunch, we both ordered the set ..which comes out dish by dish so seems like you ordered heaaaaps for what you actually paid for (all the sets came with miso soup as well)!

I ordered the Vegetable set with fried tofu steak – $18.50, which comes with the following three things:


Tofu steak

tofu covered in a crispy tempura-style batter on a bed of lettuce strips with carrots and peas .. mm tasty !


A helping of Tokio salad



Vegetarian sushi and vegetable tempura

Eggplant and carrot tempura ..sounds weird, right? And veryyy healthy eating battered vegetables, but they were really good!


close up of the vegetable sushi .. carrots, cucumbers, lettuce ..and sprinkled with sesame seeds!


My dad ordered Sashimi and Fried Eel – $22.50, which came with:


California sushi

two pieces of California sushi (just crabstick, avocado, fish roe), with a dash of pink ginger and wasabi



Two slices of tuna, salmon, fish on a bed of carrot shavings


Fried Eel

Unagi don with pink ginger and yellow radish slices!
This was reallyyyy good eel, and it came in those cute don boxes that you see at the likes of Ichiban Boshi! The only thing I don’t like about those boxes is that they LOOK deceptively deep ..so you brace yourself for a hearty fill of rice and eel ..but then the box just ends!

Dinner @ Tokio Fans (18/05/09)


random cat decoration!


random grandma plate o.o


Tokio Salad – $12
Crabsticks, Prawns, Crab Roe, Cucumber, Avocado and tomato tossed with home-made mayonnaise

This is a terrible photo of one of my favourite salads everr!! You can see a slightly better photo under the ‘lunch’ section above, but I ordered a bigger version of this for dinner …I can’t explain how good it is (and for those of you who don’t like mayonnaise !..not to worry, it’s Tokio Fans’ version of very thin, watery mayonnaise ..yeah, i made that sound appealing) ..but if you ever go here, you HAVE to try it!


Salmon Salad – $15.50
Marinated salmon served on a bed of greens tossed with house vinegar sauce

Soft squishy salmon with sesame seeds, carrot strips and mayonnaise ..this salad has NOTHING on the Tokio Salad! And if you’re not a fan of salmon, this dish comes in red tuna as well!


Grilled eel served with steamed rice and miso soup – $19.50

This time the unagi wasn’t as good ..but whatever! You can never go wrong with unagi sauce <3

I was actually dying to try the Summer Queen roll .. $20.50 for a sushi roll BUT it’s shrimp tempura with mango (or “another seasonal fruit” , wrapped in a sweet egg roll layered on mayonnaise and tobiko (flying fish roe)!! ..but they didn’t have any mango (out of season), only strawberry ..soooo next time!!


Tako Octopus – $2.80 a piece

Instead we ordered this! which was prettyyy chewy ..but nice nevertheless.


Complimentary dessert !! ..omg i wish the pic was better -_-

Who needs antacids when you can eat chocolate ! On the left is a (white) chocolate mousse with a ring of sponge cake, and a layer of liquid chocolate on top. I’m not really a fan of mousse, but as mousses go, this was prettyyyy good mousse, and the salty chips on top were nice as well!

Then there was a chocolate mousse pyramid, encasing a soft vanilla sponge and a squishy pavlova-tasting meringue centre beneath a cluster of blueberrys.. and three chocolate nut pockys, all floating on a river of strawberry syrup! let’s ride the crimson waaaaaave (lol, or not!)

And to wash down all the sweetness, two scoops of your typical vanilla ice cream and chocolate ice cream with little choc bits – reminds me of the choc ice cream in timezone ice cream!!



pretty night lights!


Oh yeah! If anyone’s around Chinatown before the 4th June, pop around to Emperor Garden (the bakery, the Chinese restaurant, or any of their counterparts) for 10% off to celebrate their 30th anniversary! They’re also running a draw for a car of some sort (but I’m not exactly a car buff so I wouldn’t know :\)
Emperor Garden can be found at 100 Hay St, or the corner of the entrance to Chinatown opposite Market City!

Tokio Fans Sushi Bar & Restaurant (visited 03/04/09 & 18/05/09)
Suite G04, Building 8
Norwest Central
Century Circuit, Baulkham Hills 2154
Ph: (02) 9899 3866
Fax: (02) 9899 7888


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Apologies for the lack of updates – haven’t been home since Thursday and so I haven’t had access to the Internet either. :( BUT! now I’m back and BETTER THAN EVER (not reallyyy ..but anywayyy) !!

So if you came here looking to find out how you can feel like a celebrity, well, you’ve come to the right place! Just take a walk through Chinatown, and you’ll be met with rows of Asian girls clamouring for your attention …no, really.

Unfortunately, it won’t be because of how really, really ridiculously good-looking you are, but rather because they’re trying to wave their menus in your face and sell their specialities!

Jenny and I had half an hour to kill before class started on Monday, so decided to eat at the first random place we came across that we hadn’t tried before. Not even 20 metres into Chinatown brought us in front of Hingara Chinese Restaurant, one of the proprietors of such girls.

The deal with these girls is that they shout Mandarin, Cantonese and English at you ..hoping that you can speak one of the above. The only issue is if you can’t – and this particular Hingara girl was trying to sell a set meal (3 entrees and 3 mains for $15 per person) to us in Mandarin ..but only about 5 minutes into the sales pitch did she decide to ask us, “ke yi shuo zhong wen ma ?” (can you speak Chinese)

I’d say a definite upside to this place is the ability to mix and match the dishes in the ‘set’ meals. Usually, most restaurants are pretty stingy in terms of mixing up the set meals, even if the price is the same ! We ended up getting:


Spring rolls and dim sim

Crispy pillows of carrot, choi, mushroom, onion, and some kind of unidentified meat, and fried battered packages of beef balls laced with soft wonton-esque pastry, all with a serving of sweet & sour sauce.


dim sim and sweet & sour eyes and spring roll mouth!


Our attempt to eat everythign in half an hour was FOILED by the slow cooking of the staff, though! Even though the entrees were pretty prompt, we waited about 45 minutes for the mains, and ended up having to ask them to give it to us in takeaway containers.

…Seems I’m always late to class because of food.. -_–;;


Crab omelette

Eggs scrambled to perfection x] but there were waaay too many onions in here, and I completely missed the crab!


Fried rice

mini prawns, peas, scrambled egg, ham …I’ve had a craving for fried rice for the past couple of days and this was really good!


Lemon chicken

I’m also a super duper big fan of lemon chicken, and this was pretty nice as well! Not a lot of fatty chicken pieces, the sauce wasn’t too sour OR thick, and the chicken wasn’t stringy or tough, either!

The only thing I could say was that it took AGES for the meals to come (or maybe that was just because we wanted it to come quicker), buttttt restaurant food is never that fast anyway, and we shouldn’t have tried to bite off more than we could chew :(

And on the bright side, we got to look at the pretty hanging lantern/puppet/decoration thingss!

Looks like Chinese New Year dragons !


Hingara Chinese Restaurant 靓征酒家 (visited 18/05/09)
82 Dixon St
Haymarket NSW 2000
Ph: (02) 9212 2169

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Saturday night marked the breaking of restaurant-eating virginity for Rosy and I, as it was the first night we went to the same restaurant TOGETHER since the inauguration of this food blog (even though we didn’t even sit near each other -_-) !

We went to Wagaya, and for those of you who don’t know (and I really doubt that there’s anyone at all), Wagaya is one of those dimly lit dens that you step into …and find nobody around to serve you!
This is because all of their waiters are like vampires in hiding – they don’t come out of the dark (they only start trading at 5pm!) unless there are customers to be served or food to be brought ..thanks to their electronic self-service.


the electronic screens where you can choose what to order, featuring the salad that you see in REAL LIFE in the next photo =9



Soft shell crab salad – $9.90
Deep fried soft shell crab, lotus root chips served with mix salad and topped with Parmesan cheese

Salad was reallyy good, and I loved the soft shell crab ! Probably my favourite dish of the night, because Cindy and I split four dishes among us, BUTT ..picky picky Cindy didn’t like a lot of the stuff.


Squid mentai pizza – $8.50
Japanese style pizza topped with squid and cod roe.

One of the things I also love about Wagaya are their pizzas ! They always overload it with cheese <3, and this pizza was no different. Squid, cheese, mushroom and prawns, with shallots and a veryyyy soggy non-existent crust ….a cheesy mess on a black iron plate!


Ox tongue nikomi – $8.90

Cooked, tender ox framed with cherry tomato halves in sauce. The ox tongue was super tasty imo, though it reminded me a little of that chewy beef. Cindy wasn’t that keen on it, but I think she was a little disappointed because our other friends ate the grilled ox tongue we ordered, so we were stuck with this


here, have a blurry photo from the menu



Baby abalone sashimi (70g baby side) – $11.90
Fresh live abalone sashimi nestled on a patch of white radish

This is another one of the instances where PHOTOS ARE DECEIVING. The photo in the menu looked normal-sized, and yet the actual SIZE of ALL the abalone was about ..5cm long? Yesss I know it said 70g, but still! haha
It was pretty chewy as well, and I’ve definitely had better abalone at Chinese restaurants (but then, as abalone sashimi goes, it was pretty good)


Shio Ramen – $8.50
Please excuse the sub-standard photography. The restaurant lighting is really dark and the iphone does not have a flash =_=.

Being the smart girl that Rosy is, she forgot to write down the prices for the dishes =_=. I think the prices are correct after looking around online for a bit (for being so high-tech, why don’t you have a website, Wagaya?!), but I’m sure the actual prices aren’t that far off. The serving sizes aren’t very large at Wagaya, but the prices are quite reasonable and it doesn’t stop the customers as the place is always packed!

One of my life goals is to try the ramen in every Japanese restaurant I come across. Since Wagaya doesn’t specialise in ramen, it’s understandable that it was quite ordinary, but the serving was tiny!


Mentai spaghetti – $9.50


Wafu Pizza – $7.90

So after looking around, I don’t think there’s a Sydney food blog that hasn’t reviewed Wagaya. I’m sure most of you have tried the Western-Japanese-fusion spaghetti and pizzas offered by Wagaya. And you should. Because it’s much better than their ramen, and are possibly their best mains. The pizzas and spaghetti are deliciously cheesy, and the ones we ordered were topped with chicken and mushrooms.


Eel…Katsu? – $???
Item & price remembering FAIL.

Eel Tempura – $9.90
Thank you Vicki :D

Wagaya offers a huge range of entrees and sides (which are pretty interchangeable), but one of the highlights is their delicious eel. The sweet and tenderness of the eel goes wonderfully well with the deep fried batter in the eel katsu, and the cheese and mushrooms in the spring rolls:

Eel cheese spring roll – $6.20

Just a tip, Wagaya is reeeeeeeeeeally popular so if you’re thinking of going, make sure to book in advance because I suspect you’d be waiting for a while if you just rock up, evidenced by the never-ending chain of people sitting by the entrance (perhaps not so much if you don’t turn up at peak hour).

While I don’t think I had the chance to talk to Eden for the entire night except when we bumped into each other while entering the restaurant (she sat all the way at the other end of the table), I’m sure we both had a good time eating at Wagaya and catching up with friends!


Wagaya (visited 16/05/09)
Level 1, 78 – 86 Harbour St
Haymarket NSW 2000
Ph: (02) 9212 6068

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Jai Ho!
I got fever running like a fire,
For you I will go all the way,
I wanna take you higher
Jai Ho!


Gia Hoi, the newest Vietnamese restaurant to hit George St, makes me think of the Pussycat Dolls’ interpretation of the A. R. Rahman’s Slumdog Millionaire song.


If you ever get a terrible fake tan à la Lindsay Lohan, Gia Hoi is definitely the place to seek refuge while you wait for the orangeness to go away.
From the glaringly bright neon orange sign to the classy orange chopsticks, you could blend right into the walls and no one would notice! Everything is the colour of an oompa loompa: orange walls, orange uniform, orange chairs, orange menus, orange bowls, orange tables …but funnily enough, they had a yellow Grand Opening sign.


Gia Hoi’s street sign, and the charming display of its nearby vendors in the background


Grand Opening: 10% off!


mmm.. Play-doh!


My fellow food companion and I had spent the day (or the previous three hours) slaving away in the library over our Chinese assignment, so come 4pm, the perfect time to indulge our stomachs: well after the lunch rush had ended and just before the dinner rush would begin.

We were ushered inside by an eagerly awaiting man (I’m guessing the boss?), and an orange-clad waitress itching to take our order, pen and paper at the ready!


Special Beef Noodle Soup (Pho Dac Biet) – $9 (med)

This is one of the house specials of Gia Hoi – so much so that it’s even permanently advertised on the signage outside!
Tender slices of beef and beef balls, as well as onions, shallots, tripe and your all-favourite pho! :D


Accompanied with a dish of beansprouts and a wedge of lemon ..brings back childhood memories of eating at Flemington


Grilled pork and spring rolls with rice vermicelli (Bun Thit Nuong Cha Gio) – $9

Nuts, lettuce, and pork-jerky-tasting grilled pork (yummm), and the spring roll pastry tasted like biscuits!


Orange side dishes of chilli and nuoc cham

Don’t know how most people eat it, but I usually drown the vermicelli with nuoc cham and munchhh away :D


Chè ba màu (Three Colour Sweet) – $4
Shaved ice and sweet coconut milk, with green cendol, yellow mung beans, and red azuki beans, with a dash of peanuts on top

Superr sweet and super tasty! …it’s the SUPER drink for SUPERmen (according to Grace, it even beats the ice kachang at Market City)


Cam So da Sua Hot Ga (Orange, Soda, Milk Egg Yolk) – $4

This was possibly one of the strangest combinations I’d ever heard of, butttt Yes Men say yes!
Thick, creamy, egg-flavoured liquid flecked with orange; the first thing you can taste is condensed milk and carbonated soda, with a slight eggy aftertaste (Fear Factor, anyone?). Even though it was pretty nice, I don’t think I could drink more than a glass at a time ..verrrry s l o w l y as well (just because the idea of drinking egg yolk freaks me out)


And for those of you who missed the grand opening, never fear! I walked past Gia Hoi again today, and the banner was still there so CHANCES ARE the 10% discount is still on!

So hurry hurry hurrrrry! And even if it’s not, GO ANYWAY! and try some delicious phooo =9

Catch me, catch me, catch me, come and catch me!
I want you now!

Jai Ho!


Gia Hoi (visited 13/05/09)
709 George St
Sydney 2000
Tel: (02) 9211 0221

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It’s been a long time since the four of us have been free to go out and eat (or even a long time since the four of us have been free to eat together, full stop), and so what better occasion than Mother’s Day ? :D

The name of the game was Villa Moura and filla up we did (haha i’m so funny). Mediterranean cuisine is not something I eat a lot, and I must apologise for the quality of the photos ‘cos I was stuck with VGA quality (left my memory card at home and my phone was outta battery).

The first thing you notice when you step inside Villa Moura are the dimly lit lights. I COULDN’T SEE ANYTHING (less of anything than I usually can), which is a shame considering the restaurant was more elaborately decorated than most.


From the elaborate candleholders adorning each table,


to the bright origami serviettes you often see at Chinese restaurants.


There were a lot of unique pieces such as this gigantic egg-shaped fountain,


as well as pretty flower pots hanging from the ceilings ….and a guitar.


There was also this Nando’s-style chicken

which was actually quite fitting considering the skewers on the menu !!
We were all given long, thin metal skewers, like the ones you see at Nando’s (mini version). With each skewer, you had a choice of 2 out of 5 sides:


Pumpkin & Spinach Risotto
(realllyy good as risottos go – and I’m not a big fan)


Garden salad
cucumber, carrot strips, onions, corn pieces, tomato slices and lettuce leaves


Fried cubes of polenta
mashed corn boiled in water ..tastes a LOT better than it sounds !


fat chips with 2 polenta cubes!

and steamed vegetables! ..which no one got.
The waiters brought out large plates with warm white bread and placed them under the skewers ….but why ?


To soak up the flavoursome skewer juices of course XD


I really want to know… HOW DO YOU SPELL ‘MUGACCINO’? is it ‘muggaccino’ or ‘muggacino’ or ‘mugaccino’ or something else -_-;


chocolate trees and love heart foam XD I remember when I used to work in a bakery, I’d make chocolate powder smiley faces for the customers :)


Bravo lemon lime & bitters – $3.50


And now that that’s all out of the way, we FINALLY get to the skewerssss (which is probably one of the huuuge novelties of eating here)


Prawn and chicken fillets skewer – $27.95

haha.. Prawn and chicken stabbed on a meat skewer. Look at the prawn tails sticking out ! ..this is so inhumane! (incrustaceane?)


Lamb skewer – $27.95
Traditional north Portugal chicken skewer slowly grilled


Chicken, pineapple and chorico skewer – $25.95
Diced chicken fillets with pineapple, chorico, and honey sweet chilli sauce

I was a little confused about what ‘chorico’ was ..but does chorizo ring a bell, anyone? :D It’s a type of spicy pork sausage ..which wasn’t very spicy, but the diced chicken fillets were scrumplicious! (haha does anyone remember the people in the Secret Seven saying that ..LOL)


Pork skewer – $25.95
Pork slowly grilled, marinated in capsicum garlic sauce

Can you see all the sauce dripping down ? The waiters who gave us our skewer sticks spooned the sauce on TOP of the skewer …so we could watch this thick river of sauce dribbling down


without flash, you can see the dim lighting -_-;

One would think that eating from skewers would be a messy affair, but au contraire ! The bread is there to pick up any stray sauce, and you’re given cutlery (obviously) to prise any unwilling meat off the skewer. Sooooooo in the end, your plate doesn’t even get that dirty ..and at the end of the meal, you have a very soggy, sauce-soaked slice of bread to chew on!

 Buon appetito !


Villa Moura (visited 10/05/09)
Terrace Shopping Centre
Shop 7, 40 Panmure St
Rouse Hill 2155
Ph: (02) 8814 7959

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In all my years of living in Sydney, I have surprisingly explored little of the city and its surrounding suburbs.  And as restaurants and dining go, I’ve always opted for the usual suspects: the CBD, Chinatown etc., so I was particularly excited today to have lunch in Sydney’s ‘Little Italy’, the suburb of Leichhardt.

Walking down the main street, Norton St, the first thing I notice is the countless Italian restaurants with their tables lining the sidewalk (and also GPs and pharmacies…but that’s another story). It all kind of felt like a big Italian courtyard. Since there were so many restaurants to choose from, we decided on Cafe Gioia, which was right across the road from where my friend lived (lucky!)

The restaurant was originally an old petrol station and some of the structure remains, including the car park. Since it was a nice and sunny day we decided to sit outside. The only complaint was that the seats were right next to where the cars were parked, and whenever a car left we got a nice big swiff of petrol exhaust.

As expected, their menu had an extensive range of all thing Italian, from pizza to focaccia and a really really long pasta menu. The pizzas looked huge and ranged from $20 and onwards, while the focaccias were pretty cheap (around $8-9ish). I really felt like pasta so we settled on that.

Tortellini papalina – $17.80

Personally, for a cheap/poor uni student, the menu was kind of pricey, but it seemed to be the standard in Leichhardt and it was completely worth it.

The tortellini was stuffed with a meat filling. The papalina sauce was rich and flavoursome and tomato-y, and was accompanied with mushrooms and bacon. The friend ordered a seafood marinara sphagetti with a similar sauce but more…seafood-y? in flavour and less rich. It was served with mussels, prawns and a heap of octopus, so pretty good value for seafood!

Spaghetti Marinara – $17.80

Although the servings didn’t look large, they were deceptively filling and I was stuffed by the end of my pasta. However, I just couldn’t resist a good genuine, home-made Italian tiramisu.

Home-made tiramisu – $7.70

The tiramisu had nicely complemented layers of fluffy cream and chewy shortbread, and it wasn’t too rich which I liked. It was served with a chocolate and rum(?) sauce. You can get cream and ice-cream with it for an additional $1, but I was glad that I didn’t because against my stomach’s protestations, I finished the tiramisu and pretty much couldn’t move afterwards.

Overall, it was a satifsfying, hearty Italian meal and I can’t wait to go back to Leichhardt: one restaurant down, many more to go!

Gioia Cafe (visited 8/05/09)
126A Norton St
Leichhardt, NSW 2040
Ph: (02) 9564 6245
Website: http://www.gioiacafe.com

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If you’ve ever visited UTS library, you’d probably have noticed that gigantic handbag store on Quay St that never seems to have any customers.
…And if you haven’t noticed it, then CLEARLY you haven’t gone to UTS library enough ! haha

But anyway, it closed down a few weeks ago, and on Tuesday, when I was walking along Quay St I saw a giant orange sign saying ‘GRAND OPENING 7 MAY’.


If you look closely you can see two guys from my uni trying to get a table …and being told that there was a forty minute wait -_-

I had a one hour break after class on Thursday, so rounding up two of my favourite food partners (we almost failed a uni assignment because we spent all our time eating instead of studying), we traipsed off to Satang Thai.

.If you didn’t already know, there’s another Satang Thai directly opposite this new establishment – this ridiculously tiny but veryyy popular takeaway Thai shop on Quay St. They have eat-in facilities, but there are about three tables in there, so if you ever get a spot you can count yourself among the six people that sit there everyday (no, I’m joking).


Sleek, modern, and definitely WAY more than three tables

We almost didn’t go because ten minutes beforehand, we had heard news of free lunch on Castlereagh St as well as free Starbucks coffee, BUT…the allure of the Grand Opening prevailed (so much so that I actually ended up staying there for the rest of my break and missing an hour of my pre-exam class).

The second we stepped in, we were told by the aforementioned two uni friends that there was a forty minute wait on tables (and that the Grand Opening meant everything was $5!!!), so we went inside and asked for bookings instead …and lo and behold, they seated the three of us at a table rightaway!


The token jugs of water you get at pretty much any Korean restaurant, and apparently a few Thai ones a well.


The feature wall on the staircase leading upstairs.

We got a little more excited than we should have looking at the menu, anddd in true Asian style ($5 for each meal!!) eventually decided on eight dishes (two entrees and six mains between three people).
UNFORTUNATELY, they weren’t doing entrees that day, which was probably better for us, because we were going a little overboard with what we were going to order.


Khao Kha Moo – $5 (Menu price: $9)
Stewed pork leg with Chinese spices, served with pickled cabbage and steamed rice

My thought processes when I first ate this went a little something like this: 1) it tastes like soggy soup. 2) the chilli jam is really chilli. 3) the pickles are soggy too!!!
Nevertheless, because it’s STEWED pork leg, it made everything taste like soup (the rice, the pork, the pickles, the chilli), and it was overall veryyy wet. Also, because I have a really low tolerance for spicy stuff, but I was told from Chris, our resident chilli expert (and wine connoisseur) that the chilli jam was a Level 7.


Pad Thai (seafood) – $5 (Menu price: $10.50)
Stirfried thin rice noodle with house special sauce, egg, beansprout and garlic chive, tossed with crushed peanut.

Pad thai is possibly my favouriteee Thai food in the world (pad siew has nothing on this shiz) ! And because I’d never tried seafood pad thai, seafood was definitely the way to go XD . There was a serving of bean sprouts and a wedge of lemon (in typical pad thai fashion), as well as a clump of crushed garlic on the side, littered with shallots. The noodle and sauce had a warm, smooth consistency and the actual seafood was REAL seafood – prawns (with their tails) and squid – as opposed to err…Subway seafood flakes?


Duck Pad Phed – $5 (Menu price: $13.50)
Stirfried roast duck with red curry, coconut milk, peppercorn, herb roots, green bean, apple eggplant and sweet basil

Chef’s suggestion! This and the pad thai was possibly my favourite dish of the lot!  It was pretty spicy, and we even tried eating the little green grape-shaped peppercorns (bad move – don’t do it) – you can see them above the fork in the photo above. There were mushrooms too, and a subtle coconut flavour which complemented the chilliness very nicely. :D Duck meat was chewy but tasty =9


Cashew nut (with chicken) – $5 (Menu price: $12.50)
Chicken stirfried with tomato sauce, garlic water chestnut, cashew nut and vegetables

Instead of chicken, you can also choose either pork, beef, or seafood (and I think maybe even tofu)!
There was baby corn, carrot strips, slices of onions and shallots …as well as the crunchy crunchy cashew nuts! Couldn’t really taste the tomato sauce at all, but still very goood


Boong dang – $5 (Menu price: $8.50)
Stirfried morning glory with fresh chilli and garlic

I think morning glory is water spinach (or else it tastes exactlyyy the same!), but this was the vegetarian dish we ordered :D Rice was gluggy and soft (all the dishes came with rice except for the pad thai ..and did I mention that the rice on each dish had a different texture? lool), and they had whole chilli slices that looked like capsicum!


Squid Kai Khem – $5 (Menu price: $13.50)
Stirfried squid with salted egg, shallot, onion and celery

Another chef’s suggestion! If you’re a fan of sticky rice, you’ll probably like the rice in this dish. The entire thing had the sandy taste of sticky rice egg (even the squid)! ..Got varied responses (from Chris, who loooved it, and Grace, who thought it was pretty :) ..I personally thought it was pretty good, but NOTHINGG beats pad thai (yess!)


Our overcrowded table

The bill for the whole meal was $30 – so $10 per head. The only problem with each of these dishes is that they were all mains for ONE person ..and we ordered six. It was pretty funny when we were ordering, because when we got to the fourth dish, the waitress gave us a really weird look and blurted, “You’re ordering a FOURTH?!”
(I think she also thought we were going to run off without paying, because she made us pay our bill BEFORE she sent off our order)

Also, when the food was coming out, a waiter came over and asked us if we wanted to move to another table …because there was no more space for anything else -_-.

We actually came in the middle of the lunch rush, and were the last ones to leave after they’d stopped trading for lunch. BUT we finished everything and we gave life to several food babies at the end of it (L) ..so definitely well worth it!


Satang Thai (visited 07/05/09)
Shop 203, 107-121 Quay St
Haymarket NSW 2000
Ph: (02) 9212 5885

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