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Blogging on three hours of sleep – had an exam today :(. Still have a major backlog of blog entries so not posting in any kind of chronological order.

So the occasion was my sister’s 22nd, and the food was Mexican (coincidentally the same restaurant we came for either my eighteenth or nineteenth birthday).


Tequila’s on Main!

How cute is that little ..grub, thing, wearing a sombrero?

Not sure if Mexican restaurants always gives you gargantuan servings, but last time we had large portions of everything, so only ordered one ‘entree’ this time round.


Curly Chips – $6.50
The potato tasted fresh and crispy, just like Hog’s Breath Cafe fries, with salt and pepper shakers on the table so you can add as much or as little condiments as you like.


Tostada Compuesta – $22.50
Like two Aztec Pyramids, a crisp whole corn tortilla, one with beans and chicken, the other with beans and beef on a mound of lettuce, diced tomato, shredded cheese and a dollop of guacamole and salsa

This was under the ‘Specials’ section of the meal, and is literally IMPOSSIBLE to pick up and eat – you don’t even know where to begin!

The tortilla is also impossible to find because it’s covered by a mountain of toppings .. which they are clearly verrrry generous with (see if you can spot the tortilla).
Chicken (on the left) had a good flavour but the texture was a little stringy, and the beef (on the right) was like mince. I liked the chicken better, just because there were onions on the beef side, which cleared out my nostrils …and I don’t really like onions, either!
Also, the servings are huge! It doesn’t make you stuffed (or it didn’t make me stuffed, haha – but then I eat quite a bit), but for the price, the servings are unexpectedly large. Photos don’t really do it justice, but if you come here and you’re partial to leaving food on your plate, it’s suggested you share with a friend – because I’m betting the both of you might only just be able to finish it. ;)


Closeup of the beef  and beans ‘tortilla’

Looks like a messy lump of ..tomato, lettuce, and cheese on beef. Haha



Half an hour later and my sister’s plate still looked untouched. Succch a look of pain on her face! She didn’t end up finishing hers :(


Mango Delight – $24.95
Char grilled whole chicken breast damped in black peppercorns and covered in mango sauce.

Tried the mango sauce, which was a little watery with a mango-y aftertaste – peppercorns weren’t peppery at all (which in my opinion, is a fabulous thing – unless, of course, you’re a pepper fanatic). Chicken was pretty chunky, and noo idea about the rice.


Rump – $27.50
All steaks are served with creamed potatoes and fresh garden salad

For less than $30, I’d say this is pretty cheap. You also get your choice of either pepper, dianne, mushroom or adobo sauce.


Not only is Tequila’s on Main a very aesthetically pleasing place, but they don’t skimp on the serving sizes either! There’s a dedicated bar where you can wait it out if the lines are long, and they have a somewhat extensive selection of cocktails on offer. 

The staff are also friendly and helpful, and I can imagine people coming here for the service and serving quantities rather than the quality of the food. Food wasn’t drop dead amazing, but worth a try if you’re hungry and in the area.


Tequila’s on Main (visited 28/10/09)
Shop GR082 Main Street
Rouse Hill Town Centre
Rouse Hill 2155
Tel: (02) 9629 5055
Fax: (02) 9629 5355


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Breakfast is my most favourite meal of the day, but who else thinks that breakfast would be better served past 12 ?

The biggest problem with eating breakfast out is that very few places have all day breakfasts. So organising for a group of us to eat breakfast was no easy feat – especially since Grace Brasserie’s breakfast buffet closes at 11am on a Saturday (and 10am on weekdays!) – so imagine trekking it to the city by at least 9am to get in 2 hours of eating time :(


When I first mentioned ‘breakfast buffet’, my sister wouldn’t stop joking about paying $30 for only a buffet selection of cereals – “hmm..should I eat Weet-bix or Nutrigrain?”


Selection of cereals and fruits (for yoghurt mixing)

I didn’t actually try any of the cereals, but I had the yoghurt which was super tasty :) Grace Brasserie offers either honey yoghurt (which was realllyyy nice), or regular yoghurt, which was a little bitter, but the same viscosity as the yoghurt you get from salad bars


Eggs benedict

Runny egg yolks and ham on pieces of bread :) Not particularly amazing, but still good !


Hash browns and fried tomatoes

It is sad to say that I enjoy Birds Eye’s frozen selection of hash browns better than the ones on offer here, but the tomatoes were fresh and juicy ! :)

Grace Brasserie also has a selection of hot foods in trays like these – including bacon, veal chipolatas, pancakes, mushrooms, and scrambled eggs. The food is covered by a small cover so it stays warm, and you can see the chefs making pancakes and hash browns behind :)


Either Nick or Jenny’s takings – eggs benedict, fried tomatoes, hash browns, mushrooms, chipolata, scrambled eggs, pancake and a dollop of yoghurt & fresh berries


Cup of tea

Contrary to the self-serving drinks service at most buffets, Grace Brasserie has waiters bustling around offering to refill your cups with hot tea and instant coffee. :) There’s also sugar and milk at each table so you can tweak the taste for your liking.


danishes, croissants, muffins

Their selection of sweet pastries is to die for !! The custard in the danishes were sweet and thick, the croissants were soft and buttery, and THIS particular muffin was sooo good – tasted like cinnamon doughnut :)
They also had banana bread and snails which I didn’t try :(


Chocolate mousse and macarons

I saw the waiter making this in front of a pineapple, so I thought it was pineapple ..
Turns out when he found out it was my birthday, he decided to make these little treats for us ! :) Soo sweeet (no pun intended)


Chocolate macaron on a piece of chocolate cake wedged with icing


Mousse with a biscuit layer and nut on top


The muffin flower that David & I made

There were five muffin flavours on offer at Grace Brasserie – cinnamon, blueberry, chocolate chip, orange and poppyseed, and I forget the last one
They were all sooo good though – I love the muffins here !!


Fresh fruit

Most buffets usually stop refilling about half an hour before closing time, but at 10.50am the waiters were still pulling out fresh platters of watermelon, pineapple, rockmelon and honeydew.

There was also a selection of canned peaches and pears for the yoghurt, and a small offer of condiments (strawberry jam, blackberry jam, orange marmalade and Australian honey) on each table – for use on your pancakes or toast !!

$29 is the going rate for a breakfast like this, but thanks to Visit UNSW it was $15 per head (offer until 31/07/09). Saw this place on KG’s blog, and even though it was a real trek having to wake up at an ungodly hour just to eat breakfast, it was defiiiinitely worth it :)


Grace Brasserie (visited 13/06/09)
The Grace Hotel Level 2
Cnr King & York St
Sydney NSW 2000
Ph: (02) 9272 6636

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Krispy Kreme is having their sixth birthday this Friday (19th of June) … which means …….. six original glazed doughnuts for a dollar !!
YESS that’s right, 6 for $1 !! So if you go in store, you can get a doughnut apiece for the very cool price of 16.67 cents (but only at Auburn, Liverpool, Penrith & the city stores)
Sooooo! if you missed out on the free KFC burger on Tuesday, go buy Krispy Kremes on Friday !! :)

Anyways ..onto the foodie photos :)

Menya is one of those secrets of Sydney – a place that everybody talks about but nobody knows where it is – until, of course, you go there.
The place itself is owned by I’s Group, a company that owns a small chain of Japanese restaurants around Australia (think Sydney, Brisbane, and Cairns) – classified into three distinct “class levels” of dining – and advocating their dishes as “a taste of Japanese in Australia”.


The tagline for Menya is the modern ramen restaurant – providing the best traditional Japanese ramen noodles in Sydney at affordable prices ….and affordable they are !

For a Thursday night, the noodle bar is lively and bustling with customers. They have a system, I think, because the moment you step inside, the first thing they ask you to do is ORDER (you can’t even sit down!). It’s like fast food, except with the quality of restaurant food, and once you’ve ordered & are subsequently seated, THENN they bring the food to you ;)


Menus are posted up on the wall ..The vegetarian meal’s on holiday! :O (haha, how cute)


mmm nomnomnom ! The ramen servings look huuuge in this picture, and this man looks very satisfied!
But will we be the same ..?


Menya soba – $7.90
Soy flavoured stock soup topped with seasoned fried bean curd, seaweed, tempura flakes and cooked shitake mushroom

I thought soba wasn’t in soup ! :( (even though the menu clearly says it’s in SOUP) ..But I was probably thinking of yakisoba …but this was nice anyway!
Extremelyyy salty (this coming from the person who used to eat globules of salt by itself), very warm, and very tasty (I think I like soba more than ramen)


Ton-toro ramen (pork) – $10.90
“Tonkotsu” noodle soup topped with lots of thinly sliced roast pork, boiled bean sprout and sesame

Does this not look tastyyy =9 Every meal so far had a generous helping of sesame seeds ..and the ramen wasn’t soggy, either ! A lot of the meat I’ve been eating these days have been reminiscent of those Chinese soup meats ..so a little stewy, but still good nevertheless !


Kogashi-cheese ramen – $9.90
“Tonkotsu” noodle soup topped with lots of melted mozzarella cheese, boiled bean sprout, naruto, menma, and sesame

Mmm… cheesy goodnessss…! With chillis and a sprinkling of sesame seeds …extra chilli sauce available if you’re an extra hot kind of person ;)

Menya also has those loyalty cards, where if you buy 20 meals, you get a free ‘Monthly dish’ ! Unfortunately the monthly dish is limited to about four or five items on the menu, (the menya soba/udon being one of them) …but rewarding your loyal customers, I liiiike it ! ;)


But they don’t let you bring outside food in ..which is fair enough.


Menya Noodle Bar (visited 28/05/09)
Level Ground, Shop TG8, 8 Quay St
Haymarket, NSW 2000
Tel: (02) 9212 1020

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