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So what if one day we had an urge to paint an egg? Or a hankering to decorate a pie? Or rather than eat a pig, some kind of whimsical fancy to watch pigs race and dive?
Where else could you go to see all these things? The Sydney Royal Easter Show, of course!

And even though egg painting is restricted to children 12 years and under, doesn’t mean that you won’t get a chance to try your hand at milking a cow at the Dairy Farmers Milking Barn ! ..

…or rather, let the cow milk itself.

Dairy Farmers Strawberry Milkshake – $5
The byproduct of said cow above

Unfortunately the milkshake tasted a little bit more like milk than strawberry, but according to the grapevine there’s a really good blueberry milkshake available at the Easter Show somewhere ! ..should watch out for it ;)

Woolworths Food Dome – Vienna Almonds, & Vienna Mixed Nuts – $7, $8

What nutty food blog would be complete without a photo of nuts! These were absolutely delicious :) I tried the mixed nuts and they were amazingly crunchy – not too hard that they break your teeth, but not all soft and old either :)

Vegie Spread – $4 (available in original, original hot, tasty, sweet & sour, garlic, & garlic hot)

A good way of getting your kids to eat vegetables! You can spread this on your bread, but I imagine it would also taste really good in pasta or even steak! The chilli ones weren’t particularly spicy, and it was a bit of a mushy spread – my favourite was the garlic :)

Disaster Bay Chillies – $9

I’ve seen these chilli spreads before around at Markets by Moonlight (at The Rocks), and the Sydney Festival. They have interesting flavours like chilli wine jelly (which i found absolutely terrible!! although if you like chilli and wine it would be the perfect spread for you because it tastes exactly like it sounds), chipotle sauce (which tastes slightly like garlic and jalapenos), and lemon stinger marmalade (an interesting yet slightly sour spin on the traditional breakfast spread).

The great thing about these spreads is that they’re not particularly chilli, and have an exotic taste that can pretty much go with anything!

The Chilli Factory – $10

Another recurring condiment that I’ve seen around before is the Chilli Factory’s chilli sauces, available in mango, honey mustard, roast tomato chilli, and more. Rated out of 10, there was one particular paste called the Devil’s Delirium at a very cool (hot??) 14/10 …based from jolokia chilli, I tried a small piece on my chip, and within five minutes my throat was burning. Although I had a friend who tried a spoonful …half an hour later, he was still standing in the Woolworths’ Dome with his hand over his mouth, eyes watering, cheeks burning ….hahahah.

To be honest, when I tried the Turbo Supercharge (made from habanero) a few months ago, I found that one a LOT more hotter, to the point that I had to scarf down chocolate muffins, in the hope that the milk in the ingredients would soothe my burning throat. ..And that was 10++/10, but I don’t really like habaneros anyway.

Watermelon – $3
Fresh juicy watermelon from the Dome after the chilli scares of the Chilli Factory

Toast & hard boiled eggs made by the Tefal people :)
They also had really nice cheese risotto made by a contraption as of yet not available !~

Facebook Cake: Login ever 3-4 hours may cause procrastination

One of the many cakes on display in the cake competition !

Chocolate dipped strawberries – $3.50

The thing I love about chocolate strawberries is that they are always such pretty works of art that I can never bring myself to eat them! I have photos and photos of these, and the actual ones themselves were very juicy .. although the chocolate is never particularly sweet (I suppose to offset the sourness of the strawberry?)

Waffles – $5, plus extra $2 for toppings

I saw these toppings earlier during the day, and omg the display ones looked sooo tasty I was craving for them all day!

Banana Waffle with Maple Syrup & Icing Sugar – $7

This was delicious! They make it straight up for you on the spot, so you can actually watch them make the waffles from scratch. Although the fruit serving could have been a little more generous, waffles were definitely one of the highlights of the day!

Unfortunately it was just after the woodchopping exhibit that my camera ran out of battery, so I missed taking photos of dinner and everything else! But there’s a really nice restaurant called Sydney Royal Grill, which is situated right near the fireworks, so you can eat dinner and observe from afar, OR eat dinner and then have a mad rush to the stadium (like we did).

Of course, there are always festivals around Sydney at The Rocks and Circular Quay, where many of the food stalls make a reappearance – but the Easter Show is definitely the place to go if you want to discover a whole lot of interesting snacks and sights in a single area (and who can resist the call of the robosaurus?!).

Sydney Royal Easter Show (visited 04/04/2010)
Sydney Olympic Park
Homebush Bay
NSW 2127


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To all my food-loving buddies !!

Although I have been a horribly negligent food blogger of late, I thought I’d inform you all of the inaugural return of VIVA SYDNEY!

For those of you unfamiliar with what Viva Sydney is, it has come around under various other names such as Enliven Your Senses and the Pulse deals!

It’s pretty much a wonderfully awesome opportunity to try some of the amazing food, wine and attractions Sydney has to offer – including but not limited to spas and events and hotels! and of course FOOD ..because I can never say that enough ! – for buy 1 get 1 free offers!

The beauty of this little deal is that you can try places such as La Mint, Din Tai Fung, Jordon’s Seafood, The Corn Exchange, and more !! for essentially half price ! :) There are lots of different cuisines on offer such as Italian, French, Australian, Vietnamese, Shanghainese ..the list goes on and on!


So guys, go to http://www.sydney.com/viva to check out the deals! All you need to do to access these offers is print out one of the little cards (available on the website) OR get a text message sent to yourself and quote ‘VIVA’ at the restaurants (text message also available on the website).

If any of you decide to try out one of these places I’d love to hear from you! Because my bank account will be broke if I try them all! Gah! So excited ! :D

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Another event on the agenda for Crave Sydney is the World’s Funniest Island – a two day comedy festival on Cockatoo Island on the 17th & 18th October, 2009.  The line up includes big names such as Merrick and Rosso, Tripod, and Arj Barker, but you can see the names for yourself on the website.

I happen to have a DOUBLE PASS up for grabs (worth $239.80) for this Saturday, 17th October, 2009 – I won it, but unfortunately I’m not free to go anywayy. If any of you are interested in taking it, drop a comment on this post and I’ll randomly email one of you the tickets by Friday afternoon (i.e. TOMORROW!) :) ..just make sure you put your real email in the ’email’ box so I don’t email the wrong person! :)

Will blog soooon (hehee Swissotel JPB Restaurant Swiss Fondue Chinoise!!)

Also, night noodle markets opened this Monday night ! Goooooooo, everybody!!

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