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It’s been a long time since the four of us have been free to go out and eat (or even a long time since the four of us have been free to eat together, full stop), and so what better occasion than Mother’s Day ? :D

The name of the game was Villa Moura and filla up we did (haha i’m so funny). Mediterranean cuisine is not something I eat a lot, and I must apologise for the quality of the photos ‘cos I was stuck with VGA quality (left my memory card at home and my phone was outta battery).

The first thing you notice when you step inside Villa Moura are the dimly lit lights. I COULDN’T SEE ANYTHING (less of anything than I usually can), which is a shame considering the restaurant was more elaborately decorated than most.


From the elaborate candleholders adorning each table,


to the bright origami serviettes you often see at Chinese restaurants.


There were a lot of unique pieces such as this gigantic egg-shaped fountain,


as well as pretty flower pots hanging from the ceilings ….and a guitar.


There was also this Nando’s-style chicken

which was actually quite fitting considering the skewers on the menu !!
We were all given long, thin metal skewers, like the ones you see at Nando’s (mini version). With each skewer, you had a choice of 2 out of 5 sides:


Pumpkin & Spinach Risotto
(realllyy good as risottos go – and I’m not a big fan)


Garden salad
cucumber, carrot strips, onions, corn pieces, tomato slices and lettuce leaves


Fried cubes of polenta
mashed corn boiled in water ..tastes a LOT better than it sounds !


fat chips with 2 polenta cubes!

and steamed vegetables! ..which no one got.
The waiters brought out large plates with warm white bread and placed them under the skewers ….but why ?


To soak up the flavoursome skewer juices of course XD


I really want to know… HOW DO YOU SPELL ‘MUGACCINO’? is it ‘muggaccino’ or ‘muggacino’ or ‘mugaccino’ or something else -_-;


chocolate trees and love heart foam XD I remember when I used to work in a bakery, I’d make chocolate powder smiley faces for the customers :)


Bravo lemon lime & bitters – $3.50


And now that that’s all out of the way, we FINALLY get to the skewerssss (which is probably one of the huuuge novelties of eating here)


Prawn and chicken fillets skewer – $27.95

haha.. Prawn and chicken stabbed on a meat skewer. Look at the prawn tails sticking out ! ..this is so inhumane! (incrustaceane?)


Lamb skewer – $27.95
Traditional north Portugal chicken skewer slowly grilled


Chicken, pineapple and chorico skewer – $25.95
Diced chicken fillets with pineapple, chorico, and honey sweet chilli sauce

I was a little confused about what ‘chorico’ was ..but does chorizo ring a bell, anyone? :D It’s a type of spicy pork sausage ..which wasn’t very spicy, but the diced chicken fillets were scrumplicious! (haha does anyone remember the people in the Secret Seven saying that ..LOL)


Pork skewer – $25.95
Pork slowly grilled, marinated in capsicum garlic sauce

Can you see all the sauce dripping down ? The waiters who gave us our skewer sticks spooned the sauce on TOP of the skewer …so we could watch this thick river of sauce dribbling down


without flash, you can see the dim lighting -_-;

One would think that eating from skewers would be a messy affair, but au contraire ! The bread is there to pick up any stray sauce, and you’re given cutlery (obviously) to prise any unwilling meat off the skewer. Sooooooo in the end, your plate doesn’t even get that dirty ..and at the end of the meal, you have a very soggy, sauce-soaked slice of bread to chew on!

 Buon appetito !


Villa Moura (visited 10/05/09)
Terrace Shopping Centre
Shop 7, 40 Panmure St
Rouse Hill 2155
Ph: (02) 8814 7959


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