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There is no hope that I will ever, EVER make a dent in the growing backlog of places I have yet to blog about ..so I’ve given up being a perfectionist and am just going to go in any kind of un-chronological order ! :)

Sooooo. When I found out about Kobe Jones’ $25 all you can eat sushi buffet winter special, I was gushing about it to all my friends, but only 2 of them had even heard of Kobe Jones before :( – but then who can deny sushi buffet ?!


Being the second sushi buffet I’ve been to in less than a week, you can only imagine my anticipation of such a meal during my rush from Broadway to Wynyard on foot in less than twenty minutes for lunchhhh. :)


The way Kobe Jones’ sushi buffet works is that you get one platter, a ‘taste tester’, which has a selection of all the nigiri and sushi for the day, that you share between your group. They call this ‘graze feeding’, like cows :D You’re not supposed to be able to order another platter until you’ve finished your current one, with the option to customise your forthcoming platters by omitting the ones not to your taste and choosing the ones you like best.


Seeing as a regular sushi platter at Kobe Jones usually costs $55 …. ;)


Second Sushi Platter

I missed the first platter because I was late due to my mad rush to Wynyard :( But neither Charis nor Daniel customised the second platter, so s’all good :)


Volcano roll – $28
Oven baked scallops layered on a crab salad and avocado roll with Kobe’s special cream sauce and a sesame seed and shallot sprinkle

This is supposed to be the ‘creme de la creme’ of Kobe Jones. Priced at a hefty $28 alone, I suppose if you come here and eat even a plate of this yourself you’re already getting your money’s worth.

My first bite of scallop I mistook for an egg – probably because it was bathed in KJ’s ‘special sauce’, which is superrr creamy and verry eggy. The crab salad is also delicious :) and the volcano roll itself is a circle of avocado & crabmeat drenched in special sauce, with dollops of mushy scallop and shallots.


Crunchy Roll – $22
Tempura prawns with crab salad and cucumber layered with tempura flakes and smelt roe

The tempura batter lived up to its name :D Satisfyingly crunchy, and the prawn was tender but not too soft, providing resistance to the bite.


Nigiri – $4.50 each
(L-R) King fish, tuna, salmon

 Apparently this photo is a clear example of the clumsiness of the waiters – for some reason, there’s a dollop of eel sauce on the tuna & the salmon. :s hmmm..

I wouldn’t say Kobe Jones had any sneaky tricks like putting huge clumps of rice beneath tiny pieces of sashimi. From the photo above, it’s pretty clear that their portions of sashimi were generous, and according to DK, not thin or overly thick. Some of the sashimi looked a bit dry, but didn’t taste that way (or maybe that was because I have ample saliva in my mouth :p)


Third Sushi Platter :)


Caterpillar Roll – $22
Unagi, crab salad, cucumber with avocado layered on top

I found that if I didn’t eat this in one bite, the sushi had a kind of bitter taste to it. The crabmeat salad was fleshy as always, but the eel had a subtle bitter taste to it that you don’t reaaaallly notice …unless you were looking. I think my dining companions didn’t reaaally like the eel, but it wasn’t too bad !


Spider Roll – $24
Soft shell crab with avocado, crab salad, cucumber with smelt roe sprinkle

I loooove soft shell crab! 2 years ago I didn’t even know what soft shell crab looked like! This was nice and crunchy, but the portions of crab weren’t very even. As you can see in the photos above, there was a lot more rice to the crab in some pieces ..not that I mind :) (but Daniel does!)


Dynamite Roll – $16
your choice of spicy tuna, kingfish, salmon or scallops with cucumber and sesame seeds

The first dynamite roll had salmon in it …the second, tuna. TBH, it just tasted like they rolled it in chilli powder T_T . Although you can’t really seee it, I couldn’t taste anything other than the chilli.

Usuaully you can choose the chilli level from 1 to 5, but when we asked we were told by a rather ineloquent waitress that the sushi was premade. hrm.


Fourth Sushi Platter :)

Haha, they’re actually using a less..visually appealing bowl for the volcano roll !


Crunchy Roll – $22

Prawn tempura with prawn tail sticking out :D

I wanted to go for a fifth platter, but Charis had already left, and Daniel told me that he was full to the point of vomiting. :( And that if I kept eating, he’d vomit on the inside …..so yeah. Needless to say, we got the bill afterwards.



I’ve heard a lot of moaning & groaning about the quality of the service at Kobe Jones, and I wouldn’t say they’re as standoffish as everyone makes out rather than klutzy. :(

Although the waitress was attentive, during lunch hour there was only one (clumsy) girl to be seen rushing between tables. In the first 5 minutes after arrival, I saw the waitstaff:

– drop a diner’s plate on the floor

– knock Charis’ dish of soy sauce onto the table with a sushi platter

– give the wrong order to a table

– accidentally pour water onto the floor instead of in a glass (when I saw this happen, it was apparently the second time)

Not to mention finding a fly on my plate (sure, the restaurant is open space, but NO APOLOGY EITHER? :( ) and a short strand of hair hair.

Waiting time was probably only about ten minutes in between platters, but apparently the girl said everything was premade …so hrmmm to freshness?

If you don’t like crabmeat I wouldn’t suggest going here, seeing as EVERYTHING had crabmeat in it except for the sashimi (duhh). Then again, I love crabmeat and crabsticks and crab salad, sooo :D talk abt paradise ! All the sushi and rice were pretty soft – not to the point of mushy – but if you like a ‘sturdier’ kind of sushi ..well hrm.

$25 all you can eat sushi buffet, only available on weekdays for lunch, from 12pm – 3pm.


Kobe Jones (visited 28/08/09)
29 Lime St
Sydney NSW
Ph: (02) 9299 529


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