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What’s better than a gorgeous piece of artwork and an mindblowingly delicious piece of food ?

A combination of the two ?

Did I hear anyone say fondant cake ?

Despite its orgasmic appearance, I would be the first one to admit that fondant cakes are not exactly to my taste. Sugar icing that’s thick and not so sweet is something that, perhaps if given the chance, I would steer clear of !

Having said that, browsing for cakes for my birthday this year, I found the most amazing fondant cake bakery online in the form of Victoria’s Cakes.


Hazelnut cake base with strawberries & a chocolate mud cake – $160 + $10 (for a layer of fresh fruit) + $40 delivery (pick up available)

May I just say that this bakery absolutely put my world upside down in changing my opinion on fondant cakes – and it is such a pity that it is operates solely online!

Victoria was absolutely amazing in terms of catering to my request, and was lovely enough to bake a spare green fondant mud cake (no photos, unfortunately!) at no extra charge, as she was worried the main cake would not be enough to serve all the guests (70 – 80 pax, and believe me, the main cake would have been more than enough!)

Not only was the cake sweet on the eye, but it was tantalising on the palate – fresh, moist, and a true star for any event !

Cake flavours ranged from chocolate to vanilla, lemon to honey, and coconut to hazelnut – and considering fondant cakes of this calibre would usually cost from $300 – $700, the price-quality rapport is definitely up there !

And as for the theme of my party ?

…I can leave you to guess that ;)

Victoria’s Cakes
Sutherland Shire


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As always, it’s been a pathetically long time since I last updated, and I must apologise for the quality of my mobile photos – next pics will be prettier, I promise !

So if you’ve ever been to Eastwood, you’ll know it’s a melting pot of Asian cultures – and by melting pot, I actually mean hot pot – and by hotpot, I mean that there’s approximately 2 sides to Eastwood: the Korean side and the Chinese side.

It was a Monday night and a craving for Japanese food quickly translated to Korean, thanks to reminiscing over a recent trip to Madang – hence the choice of Tudari BBQ Korean Restaurant.

Although I’ve been to this side of Eastwood (the Chinese side – or to be more politically correct, the library side) a gazillion times, I’d never actually ventured into Tudari BBQ – despite a window display plastered with pictures of food and a rather enticing display of the complimentary Korean side dishes on offer.

And let me just say …I have never been to a Korean restaurant that offers as many complimentary side dishes as this one:

Spinach, sweet & sour pork, creamed corn, pumpkin soup, apples & carrots, sardines, mushrooms, potato noodles, vegetable omelette, kimchi, radish, honey fried potato & potato

I must admit that there were second thoughts after every side dish under the sun had been whipped onto our table for two approximately 5 seconds after ordering our 3 mains …but food is food, and who can ever say no ? :)


Sizzling Stone Pot Bibimbap – $13

Within a few minutes, this steaming pot was placed in front of us. The rice was crunchy and warm and was decorated with beansprouts, mushrooms, spinach, egg and –wait, no meat ?

When we asked the Korean waiter where the meat was, he told us we couldn’t see the meat because it was in such small pieces — before he realised there actually wasn’t any meat…

…Only to return five minutes later, despite the kitchen already being closed, with a small, steaming dish of beef, and a bowing, profusely apologetic owner.


 Set menu with Bulgogi on a Hot Iron Plate – $12

The beef bulgogi came nestled on a bed of lettuce and, despite being a bit soggy, was deliciously sweet. There was a subtle sesame flavour but it wasn’t drowned in soy sauce, the way some bulgogi recipes can be (like my own failed attempt ..hahah).


 Steamed Dumplings – $12

I’m sure I’ve tried Korean-style dumplings (mandu) before, but this was a pleasant surprise because it was definitely not what I was expecting! Small pockets of dumpling skin stuffed with vegetables, pork, and what might have been a variant of thin rice noodle – and a soy sauce dipping sauce.

The dumplings itself were a tad dry but that might just have been because it took us so long to eat it !

All in all, the food was on par with typical Korean cuisine, not to mention the continuous humming of Korean music, which lent to the authenticity of the restaurant, despite being deceptively placed on the Eastwood Chinese side.

And as Monday nights go, the restaurant was quiet with few customers – which just means faster service & a real hidden gem ! – and the food in Eastwood is usually decent so I’ll definitely be coming back for more.

Not to mention – despite coming in at around 8.30pm (when the restaurant closes at 9pm – 9.30pm), the owner was extremely hospitable and sat at another table learning English, while we s l o w l y finished our meal (unlike other restaurants that give you the bill and try and kick you out).

The incredibly cheap bill – given at the very end upon polite request of the patron :)

Think one of the marks of a great restaurant is the service & the service here was definitely 5 star :)

Tudari BBQ Korean Restaurant (visited 08/08/11)
8 Hillview Rd
Eastwood NSW 2122

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It’s been a nasty 10 months, and I hang my head in shame for neglecting my beloved food blog for so long. Spent the last six and a half months in Paris & travelling Europe, dining on good bread, fine wine, and ….reindeer !

More about that later, though …
Because the call of food photography and dessert has coaxed me out of my lazy shell to blog about what may possibly be the best thing since sliced bread – Oliver Brown !!

In my humble opinion, dessert ice cream is quite possibly the greatest invention known to mankind. So you can only imagine my excitement when my darling friend told me about a cheaper Max Brenner-esque place, with delicious waffles and tasty ice cream!

Hot Chocolate (dark) – $ ? 

As an avid non-drinker of hot chocolate, steering clear of dark chocolate as well, it is a testament to how delicious a dark hot chocolate is if ….I can stand drinking it. Either that, or it’s very sweet.
And I have a sweet tooth … sooooooo..:)


Belgian Waffles for 2 – $14
Waffles, banana slices, strawberries & whipped cream with melted chocolate 

After visiting Belgium and feasting on Belgian waffles for three days’ straight, you can imagine my reluctance to try Australian-Belgian waffles again…

Unfortunately, Belgian waffles are renowned for a reason, and despite this café’s claim to be a Belgian chocolate café, one does well to remember that chocolate ≠ waffles.

But that’s okay !! Crusty, crunchy warm waffle (a bit on the dry side) drizzled with delicious hot chocolate, fresh bananas and strawberries …with a side of whipped cream (eek)!

Nevertheless, it was still good enough to seduce me into coming back just under 2 weeks later, and boy am I glad I did !


On my second visit, the first beauty we saw was this :

A friend’s dessert – $ ?? (to be updated)
Vanilla, strawberry and mint ice cream, with Oreos, fruit loops & a wafer stick 


And although this dessert is a sight for sore eyes (and I can only imagine how delicious), the real kicker is below ..:


Ice cream fondue for 2 – $18
Strawberry, vanilla and mint ice cream; marshmallows; bananas; strawberries; and two dipping pots of dark and milk chocolate

Orgasmic! The very first time I saw ice cream fondue was at Häagen-Dazs on the Champs-Elysées ..and from that point in time, I vowed I’d find somewhere in Australia to try it. And whaddya know !!
I don’t know about you, but all the other fondues I’ve had just aren’t as …amazing as this one. The fondue stays warm with a small candle burning merrily away underneath, but I must say I do prefer the milk. :)
You use one of those long-stemmed utensils with a spoon on one end and a fork on the other (anyone know the name ??) to dip your ice cream in the chocolate fondue ….which hardens within seconds Ice-Magic-style :).

And of course, this was so delicious, I just had to go back less than a week later.   

Ice cream fondue for 2 – $18
Vanilla, chocolate, and mint ice cream with strawberries and bananas (no marshmallows!!); with milk & dark chocolate fondue

Helpful hint: don’t leave the ice cream next to the burning candle if you’re going to eat another dessert first. …unless you like ice cream soup.


Belgian waffle for One & ice cream – $9.50

And of course, who can resist another waffle if there’s a side of ice cream ? :)


Oliver Brown Chocolate Café (visited 20/04/11, 01/05/11, 06/05/11)
Top Ryde City Shopping Centre
Level Street, Shop F1, Cnr Devlin St & Blaxland Rd
Ryde NSW 2112
Ph: (02) 9809 7007

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The quest for the perfect French restaurant has been a long withstanding goal of mine for the past year or so, and so you can imagine my glee when I heard of The Red Snail, the newest French restaurant to hit the suburbs of Sydney.


The problem with finding hidden gems is just that – they’re hidden, and so after hitching a ride to a train station, catching a train to King’s Cross, and walking in a circle around Darlinghurst Rd & Roslyn St rather than walking 500m straight down Bayswater Rd, one would hope that the trek was well worth it ! :)
…Especially considering their $35 for 3 courses special for dinner !


Despite being situated in King’s Cross, one should abandon all sleazy, dodgy preconceptions when visiting. A glowing red atmosphere was awaiting us (as well as their $10 cocktail happy hour from 6pm – 7pm !!), with the opportunity to dine al fresco or to eat inside and be catered by the waiters and waitresses donned in matching uniforms of red and black.


Fruit Bellini (mango) – $13, or $10 during happy hour
mango, mixed berry, strawberry, passionfruit
Fruit pulp of your choice mixed with vanilla, peach schnapps & champagne with a fruit garnish

Despite my initial excitement over their cocktail happy hour, whoever mixed my drink put in waaaay too much alcohol. The bellini tasted like an overdose of champagne with the aftertaste of schnapps, and the occasional hint of mango pulp. I don’t know about you, but I don’t like my cocktails tasting like shots – not to mention the cocktail itself wasn’t served on ice so wasn’t cold or anything – and I felt like I was having a heart attack with every sip.


Honey Roasted Vegetable Gateau with ricotta, pinenuts & balsamic $14

It’s been awhile since I’ve ordered vegetables alone, but the idea of a honey roasted veggie gateau was too tempting to refuse. There was a strong waft of honey at first (which I must admit I’m not very fond of), but the vegetables were roasted to the point they weren’t crispy nor soggy. The ricotta was rather plain, but if you’re not a fan of overpowering cheese, it’s perfect :)
The entree itself was a sizeable portion, and I can hardly remember the last time vegetables made me feel so full.


Duck confit and orecchiette salad – $14

This was one of the specials of the day. I don’t know about you, but whenever meat is in a salad I think it always tastes better as a cold cut – and this was just it ! The duck was cool, tender, and super tasty :)


Mussels Provençal, rich tomato, garlic & fresh herbs – $14

This would have been my second choice had I not ordered the vegetable gateau. The mussels were soft and fleshy, and there was no strong seafood flavour that you usually get when ordering oysters/mussels and the like. Also loved the tomato :)


Duck breast fillet, double cooked with sweet & sour cherry glaze – $31

When eating this I was trying to figure out the perfect way to describe the glaze ….and it really was sour ..and sweet. I’m beginning to really appreciate fruit flavours with meat, and I must say the sauce was really delicious =9.
The duck was a little chewy, which I would expect from being double cooked, and as much as the mussels didn’t have that seafood flavour, did the duck have that ..duck flavour (I’m really very coherent with my descriptions today, hey?)


Whole trout roasted with lemon & parsley sauce – $25


Kangaroo fillet, served rare, with native plum sauce – $25

The first time I remember trying kangaroo fillet, it was so soft and tender. Perhaps it was a one-off, because the second time I went back to the same place to eat it again it was nowhere near as nice.
Those who might condemn those who eat our fluffy native Australian fauna – well, I could say the same to you for eating ….the native American fauna …… (yes, the cow.. haha, unless you’re vegetarian!). Nevertheless, the outside of the fillet was really nice, and plum sauce again made the meat just that more juicy.
It was a little chewy this time, and despite requests to cook the fillet medium rare, the taste of blood was permeating.


Mixed vegetables (side)

Steamed vegetables such as cauliflower, carrots, beans, and cucumber. Apparently all the mains come with a free side of vegetables, which does appear on the menu as an additional $7 if you order it. A nice surprise, considering the ice cream with my sticky date pudding came at an extra $2 – a hidden cost no one bothered to tell me about :(


Sticky date pudding – $11, plus ice cream – $2

This was amazing :D I don’t remember ever liking sticky date pudding but FATE was calling me out to order this tonight ….and I didn’t regret it at all !
I don’t know if it was exactly pudding-like, but it was so soft and moist and delicious, and with the sauce … mmmmm foodie heaven.
Would go back here again just for it (and yes, for the range of flavours, the vanilla ice cream was well worth the additional $2) !


Poached pear with cardamon anglaise – $11
I’m not exactly sure what cardamon is, but the dish had a distinctly alcoholic taste. The pears tasted a bit like canned pears soaked in cinnamon and alcohol ..which was alright, but I probably wouldn’t order it myself.


Crème Brûlée – $11

If you’re looking for a non-sweet dessert, this is probably the closest you can get, short of ordering the cheese and crackers.
It was a little too creamy, and the glaze on top was a bit stiff as well.

I unfortunately did not get a photo of the garlic bread, which was a m a z i n g ! Definitely recommend it (but only when it’s hot).

As for the French authenticity of these dishes, I cannot vouch for them, but at $35 a pop it’s value to be sure !
If you go on Sunday for lunch or dinner, I hear the prices are reduced to $25 for three courses, so definitely worth a visit.

And if the meals sound reminiscent of Pyrmont’s The Little Snail ? Well, apparently the owners are the same, but the prices are cheaper and some believe the quality of the food is better :)


The Red Snail (visited 17/07/10)
Cnr Kings Cross & Ward Ave
Darlinghurst 2010
Ph: (02) 9357 4919

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I remember the very first time I heard about The Counter was from a friend, who messaged us very excitedly about the prospect of apple pie shakes.

And of course, who can resist drinking apple pie when the actual foodie item itself tastes so darn good ? :D
We had the biggest strife trying to find a time that would accommodate all of us wanting to go, and it was a fateful day in December last year (yesssss, I know, a long time ago -_-) that a few of us managed to troop the kilometres to Crow’s Nest so we could partake in the wonder that is liquid pie.

But of course, before we could do that, we had to go for the burgers as well!!


The Counter’s clipboard menu

The whole premise that is The Counter Burger is the idea of custom-built burgers – you can customise your patty, your bun (or if you don’t want a bun, you can eat your burger in a bowl), your cheese, your toppings, and your sauce.
Upon arrival, each patron is given a clipboard with a list of toppings and other goodies that you can peruse at your own leisure – or not, if you’re starving!


The Fifty-Fifty – $6.25
Half French Fries & Half Sweet Potato Chips with Horseradish Sauce

Seeing as my friends and I (or should I just say ‘I’) bring gluttony a bad name, we couldn’t resist the temptation of fries. This was my first time trying sweet potato chips …and let me just say, they are definitely worth trying!
Both the fries and the chips were crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside, and the horseradish lent a very unique taste to the fries that made it seem worlds apart when eaten alone.

As for the burger, there was much drama surrounding the first step – choosing the size of the patty. All three of my companions chose beef, but the actual patty itself also comes in three sizes: 150g ($13.50), 300g ($16.50), and 450g ($19.50).

I was tempted to choose the 450g, but due to peer pressure, all four of us settled for the 300g burger patty – which you can have on a bed of lettuce or baby greens rather than a bun for forty cents extra. :)


One of my friends’ burgers – $16.50

After deliberating over the size of the patty, the next choice you’re faced with is which cheese to get ! The Counter has a wide variety of cheeses, ranging from your typical cheddar cheese and greek feta, to herb goat cheese spread and Danish blue cheese.
Now I’m not a big fan of cheese anymore, or cheese on burgers, from a particular incident in my Year 11 French class, where I ate a huge bite of blue cheese ….before realising that it was actually mouldy. =_=
Even downing a pitcher of water did nothing to rid the taste from my mouth, and so I’ve steered clear of unknown cheeses ever since.


My Burger – $16.50
Cheddar Cheese, grilled pineapple, hard-boiled egg, roasted corn and black bean salsa, and dried cranberries on a wholemeal bun with apricot sauce on the side

For the non-cheese lovers, I’d say cheddar or American cheese was probably the best option you could get, short of having no cheese. Otherwise, there was Colby (I think my friend got this and said it WASN’T cheesy enough), sharp provolone, ORRR you could grit your teeth and bear the horrors of the blue cheese.


Side view of the burger

To be honest, I wasn’t a fan of the corn and black bean salsa (I don’t think I like salsa), but the dried cranberries were very good! The apricot sauce was also very interesting – I thought it had a subtle alcoholic taste, and if you douse it on the burger, it’s very tastyyy!


Cross-section of another friend’s burger

This photo might turn you off, but it shows you a good view of the meat patty! It’s all Angus beef, but I would’ve said the taste was quite similar to a regular beef patty, yet very juicy and tender. All the beef is cooked medium unless otherwise requested (although this looks as if it’s bordering on the cusp of medium-rare to me)…


Mixed baby greens, tomatoes, carrot strings, and pineapple – $16.50

We didn’t get to try the entire point of the trip to Crow’s Nest until the end of the meal – :( . Drinks were postponed to the end of the meal because of horror stories that we would be so full from the burger that if we even drank a drop of milkshake beforehand, it would take up burger space – but as expected, this didn’t end up happening.


Peanut Butter Shake & Apple Pie Malt – $5

The drinks at The Counter are available in either shakes or malt – and because we couldn’t decide, we ordered four – one of each.

The peanut butter malt felt like I was drinking peanut butter straight out of the jar – but obviously in a more liquid form. It was super thick, and had gloppy bits of peanut butter in it. IMHO, I thought the shake was better – less overbearing :).
The apple pie shake had lots of apple pie pieces, and the milk flavour was superrr strong (something I wasn’t a fan of). It was nowhere near as thick as the malt, though – but I thought it tasted better :)

So the verdict ? Peanut butter shake, apple pie malt :)

The Counter Burger is no stranger to vegetarians, either ! In addition to getting a beef, turkey, or grilled chicken patty, you can also opt for the animal-free vegetable patty :)
The only problem was that before we went we were warned with monster stories of how enormous the burgers are, and how we couldn’t finish them ….and yet all four of us finished our burgers with no trouble at all.

For anyone going, I’d suggest going for the 450g!

The Counter (visited 16/12/2009)
118 Willoughby Rd
Crows Nest
NSW 2065
(02) 9436 2700
(visit the website for a super fun video clip on how the burgers are made – as well as a preview of the burger in a bowl!)

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African food? A friend suggests.

The answer is a resounding, “Yes!”
..but not before including “bugs” under the description of what exactly comprises African food.

Despite this politically incorrect statement, the rest of my companions are (for the most part) open-minded about trying new cuisines, and it was with an anxious trepidation that we made the ten minute bus ride to Newtown to try African Feeling Cafe & Restaurant.

The five of us spent well over half an hour poring over the menu, looking at the exotic things we could try …seeing as none of us had ever tried African food before. So drinks were to begin with …

Karkadeh (hibiscus fusion & guava) – $4
hibiscus juice is combined with exotic guava fruit to make this tropical drink refreshing

We actually ordered the karkadeh (hibiscus fusion) and the karkadeh (hibiscus fusion & guava). Karkadeh is meant to be a traditional Egyptian drink made from the Hibiscus flower – popular in Africa, from Senegal to Egypt – and “addictively healthy”.

The makers of Ribena should rename their syrup line to “Karkadeh”, because that’s exactly what karkadeh tasted like – Ribena syrup with zero water. The karkadeh and guava tasted slightly better – definitely not as sweet – with a hint of guava, and although as a sugar addict I did enjoy the karkadeh (more so than the karkadeh and guava), I can’t imagine many people willingly drinking Ribena syrup.

Taste Bud Safari for 2 – $15.50
A personalised selection of any 3 African delights above ..
of which we chose:
Pepele – $10.50 plantain chips – seasonal (nigeria)
Kpoff-kpoff – $10
African cigar – $10 (smoked in Cuba, eaten in Africa) Sauteed beef minced and ground with herbs and spices wrapped in a light pastry (4pcs)

We actually ordered a Taste Bud Safari for 2, which was upgraded to a TBS for 5 ..but unfortunately the waitress didn’t inform us of the price increase. Nevertheless, we did “enjoy” the pepele (which tasted like hard apple chips), the kpoff kpoff (the spring roll lookalikes where spring rolls taste a lot better), and the African cigar (which wasn’t bad – but that might just have been in comparison to the rest of the meal).

Vegetarian Jungle – combination of any 3 of the above vegetarian dishes – $20.50
Galkora (eggplant in a sumptuous sauce – ghana) – $16.50
Egwein – exotic sauce of black-eye beans cooked with palm oil, tomatoes and seasonal vegetables – $16.50
Pumpkin stew – pumpkin cooked in onions, garlic, ginger, tomatoes and mixed vegetables (west africa) $16.50

To be able to try a selection of all three vegetarian dishes for the cheap price of $20.50 would have been a steal – if not for the size of the plate. The galkora wasn’t bad – I do like eggplant, although the ratio of eggplant and sauce did leave little to be desired. The pumpkin stew was also relatively tasty, and although I’m not a fan of black-eye beans, the egwein was pretty good, and I suppose I wouldn’t mind eating this dish again.

Kuku Na Nazi – $18.50
chicken breast seasoned in herbs & Kenyan spices cooked in coconut milk (East Africa)

For the amazingly CHEAP price of $18.50, we received a soup bowl filled with about six pieces of chicken and soaked in coconut milk. For some reason, I thought the sauce would be a lot creamier, but it would have been more appropriate to call it coconut skim milk (nothing short of water). The chicken itself wasn’t bad, but I must say we were all really surprised at the size of the dishes – for almost $20, I’d expect a bowl that would maybe cover the palm of my hand.

Almond Beef – $18.50
Based on the traditional Egusi soup. This favourite from West Africa contains diced beef cooked in Spinach with palm oil and ground almond meal (West africa)

Apologies for the terrible quality of the photo – but you’re really not missing much. To be fair, this dish didn’t taste terribly bad at all ! The beef was in shredded pieces, but aside from that, it was flavoursome, and went quite nicely (or would have gone – if we had got it) with the rice. Again, I think our disappointment was just at the serving sizes, and the exorbitant prices charged.

Dalak Prawns – $24
Prawns seasoned and cooked in coconut cream (East Africa)

Although the prawns were nice and chunky, I wouldn’t say they warranted their cost of nearly five dollars apiece. As for their being “seasoned”, the dish was extremely salty, and I couldn’t tell what made the difference between the prawns bathed in coconut “cream” and the aforementioned chicken drowned in coconut “milk” – both had the same viscosity akin to water.

Bua – Tender goat meat cooked with palm oil in a spinach sauce (Ghana) – $21.50

Again – feeling a little rorted having paid over $20 for a soup bowl! The goat meat was very soft and tender – possibly to the point of turning into mush – and I’d say the description of spinach sauce was v. accurate.

Fufu, Ugali, Pap, Sadza, and Sima – $8 per head
This stable food is found all over Sub-Saharan Africa and is known by a variety of different names. Ground cereal, steamed or boiled, and served as a ball and can be eaten by hand!

After our proclamations of trying new things, we decided to forego the usual rice and try “fufu”, an apparently very popular African staple. At eight dollars per head, and after already ordering six dishes (and not knowing that each dish would be the size of my fist), we thought that we should only get enough servings for three people. Little did we know that we would receive a lump of clay the size (and taste) of a soccer ball.
We didn’t even get a quarter of the way through that mini mountain of dough, with Grace even making a play-doh-esque mountain of food afterwards.

To be honest, I would definitely have to say that this restaurant is a perfect case of sounding way better than it actually looks. They always say don’t judge a book by its cover – but we shouldn’t judge it by its words, either. The people at African Feeling clearly have a brilliant marketing team because their food sounded really delicious, but its taste left little to be desired.

I’m always up for trying new things, and I might even be open to trying African again ….but probably not for a very, very long time.

The tip jar

Would it be terrible of me to say that the only time I would ever come back is if I was feeling tipsy (or to be more accurate, completely inebriated)?

As for the size of the dishes ….

Pictures speak louder than words. The snapshot above came to almost $200 between 5 people. Worth it? I think not.

African Feeling Cafe & Resturant (visited 07/01/10)
1/501 King St
NSW 2042
Ph: (02) 9516 3130

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If you love pineapple and you love chicken and you LOVE Nando’s, then you should definitely try Nando’s new Tropico burger for Buy 1 Get 1 Free! For $9.95, you can get 2 of these tasty burgers on a crunchy Portuguese roll and your own choice of super spicy peri-peri sauce or lemon & herb.

I tried it last week with my friend at work, and even though we bought the burgers at 2pm and had had all of 2 bites by 5pm (due to hectic work rush), the three-hour-old burger was still pretty gooood :) so props to Nando’s for their chicken lasting the test of time !

Just remember you need to print the voucher, and you’d better hurry ! ‘Cos this offer is only around until 26/12/09 I think!



Spending 5 minutes outside a restaurant deliberating whether said restaurant merits a visit based on its menu is to no avail when you’ve already decided to dine there based solely on the fact that its name is the namesake of your friend’s.

And that was how it pretty much went down on a sunny evening at Nick’s (the sun is still out at 8.30pm nowadays in Sydney, which is wonderful!)


Dining alfresco gives a completely different sort of atmosphere to eating – especially being able to eat dinner in plain daylight. Weather on Cockle Bay Wharf is almost always nice, but if you have an aversion to sunshine and daylight, there’s always the option to eat inside.




Heineken – $7.80

According to Nick, the waiter here really knows how to pour beer ! I don’t pretend to know anything about the art of beer pouring, but because he poured the drink in two or three goes, he gave the beer “life” apparently …hahah, who knows.

Summer Lychee – $14
Paradisio Lychee Liqueur, Peach Schnapps, Malibu and Honey

This was delicious, and as cocktail prices go, standard fare. It might be because I love sweet things, and the drink had a smooth lychee consistency with a hint of peach. Luckily enough, there wasn’t an overdose of alcohol, although the aftertaste always hit you – you could tell that the alcohol content in the drink was pretty strong.

Golden Fried King Prawns – $32 (with a side order of chips or salad)
Snow pea leaves, tomato salad and mango mayonnaise

Took us about ten years to decide between the chargrilled prawns (with palm sugar dipping sauce!), or the golden fried king prawns. Glad we picked the fried prawns, because the mango mayonnaise was divine, with a definite balance without being too thick (like mayonnaise can sometimes be) or overly watery (like mango juice can be).
The prawns gave a solid bite and the prawn batter was light and crunchy – not too much flour, which can really be overkill sometimes.


Chips weren’t spectacular, nor were they really hot either (but that might have been because we left them for so long until we decided to eat them).


Blue Eye Cod Fillet – $38
Pan seared on creamy mash, dill cream, sauteed fennel and leek

“The edge of the mashed potatoes is really hard, which I don’t like ..but the texture of these potatoes are really consistent …i’ve made better mashed potatoes at home..” my companion’s attempt at food blogging, but then again, we do not come to Nick’s for the quality of their mashed potatoes.

No idea how I could possibly describe the taste of the cod, although the quality of the searing was evident.
Although the dish doesn’t look too big, to hear from somebody whose appetite is almost as large as mine that he was full after this plate is a wonnnderful thing !

The Special Dessert – $14

If you ever go to Nick’s looking for this dessert, I have nooo idea how you could possibly order it. We saw two other tables being given this and decided to order it just because it was so aesthetically pleasing.

Definiiiiitely the best part of the night – as described by the waiter as the “special mango dessert”, it’s pretty much a creamy passionfruit custard beneath a thin layer of mango jelly and sago, topped with passionfruit coulis and chunks of pineapple, and a deliciously orgasmic scoop of mango sorbet on top.



Not to mention the service at Nick’s was exemplary and extremely hospitable and friendly – so despite the potatoes not being on par with the rest of the food, no worries ! – kudos to the waiter who was doing a funny jovial dance while serving one of the patrons. ;)


Nick’s Seafood Restaurant (visited 03/12/09)
The Promenade
Cockle Bay Wharf
T: (02) 9264 1212
F: (02) 9265 8686

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