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If you love pineapple and you love chicken and you LOVE Nando’s, then you should definitely try Nando’s new Tropico burger for Buy 1 Get 1 Free! For $9.95, you can get 2 of these tasty burgers on a crunchy Portuguese roll and your own choice of super spicy peri-peri sauce or lemon & herb.

I tried it last week with my friend at work, and even though we bought the burgers at 2pm and had had all of 2 bites by 5pm (due to hectic work rush), the three-hour-old burger was still pretty gooood :) so props to Nando’s for their chicken lasting the test of time !

Just remember you need to print the voucher, and you’d better hurry ! ‘Cos this offer is only around until 26/12/09 I think!



Spending 5 minutes outside a restaurant deliberating whether said restaurant merits a visit based on its menu is to no avail when you’ve already decided to dine there based solely on the fact that its name is the namesake of your friend’s.

And that was how it pretty much went down on a sunny evening at Nick’s (the sun is still out at 8.30pm nowadays in Sydney, which is wonderful!)


Dining alfresco gives a completely different sort of atmosphere to eating – especially being able to eat dinner in plain daylight. Weather on Cockle Bay Wharf is almost always nice, but if you have an aversion to sunshine and daylight, there’s always the option to eat inside.




Heineken – $7.80

According to Nick, the waiter here really knows how to pour beer ! I don’t pretend to know anything about the art of beer pouring, but because he poured the drink in two or three goes, he gave the beer “life” apparently …hahah, who knows.

Summer Lychee – $14
Paradisio Lychee Liqueur, Peach Schnapps, Malibu and Honey

This was delicious, and as cocktail prices go, standard fare. It might be because I love sweet things, and the drink had a smooth lychee consistency with a hint of peach. Luckily enough, there wasn’t an overdose of alcohol, although the aftertaste always hit you – you could tell that the alcohol content in the drink was pretty strong.

Golden Fried King Prawns – $32 (with a side order of chips or salad)
Snow pea leaves, tomato salad and mango mayonnaise

Took us about ten years to decide between the chargrilled prawns (with palm sugar dipping sauce!), or the golden fried king prawns. Glad we picked the fried prawns, because the mango mayonnaise was divine, with a definite balance without being too thick (like mayonnaise can sometimes be) or overly watery (like mango juice can be).
The prawns gave a solid bite and the prawn batter was light and crunchy – not too much flour, which can really be overkill sometimes.


Chips weren’t spectacular, nor were they really hot either (but that might have been because we left them for so long until we decided to eat them).


Blue Eye Cod Fillet – $38
Pan seared on creamy mash, dill cream, sauteed fennel and leek

“The edge of the mashed potatoes is really hard, which I don’t like ..but the texture of these potatoes are really consistent …i’ve made better mashed potatoes at home..” my companion’s attempt at food blogging, but then again, we do not come to Nick’s for the quality of their mashed potatoes.

No idea how I could possibly describe the taste of the cod, although the quality of the searing was evident.
Although the dish doesn’t look too big, to hear from somebody whose appetite is almost as large as mine that he was full after this plate is a wonnnderful thing !

The Special Dessert – $14

If you ever go to Nick’s looking for this dessert, I have nooo idea how you could possibly order it. We saw two other tables being given this and decided to order it just because it was so aesthetically pleasing.

Definiiiiitely the best part of the night – as described by the waiter as the “special mango dessert”, it’s pretty much a creamy passionfruit custard beneath a thin layer of mango jelly and sago, topped with passionfruit coulis and chunks of pineapple, and a deliciously orgasmic scoop of mango sorbet on top.



Not to mention the service at Nick’s was exemplary and extremely hospitable and friendly – so despite the potatoes not being on par with the rest of the food, no worries ! – kudos to the waiter who was doing a funny jovial dance while serving one of the patrons. ;)


Nick’s Seafood Restaurant (visited 03/12/09)
The Promenade
Cockle Bay Wharf
T: (02) 9264 1212
F: (02) 9265 8686


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I went to Hurricane’s, Darling Harbour, for the first time last weekend..and I must say, it wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. Everyone’s always talking about how good the food is, and so this particular steakhouse was already put up on an imaginary pedestal in my mind’s eye. 


The decor was all nice and dark ;) Perfect for that romantic atmosphere when you want to slip your hand into your lover’s unawares !


Lighting came from artificial flames that were spaced evenly along the walls ..people were eating so close to the flames that I thought some of them would catch on fire ><


wholegrain bread with ‘slightly salted’ Lurpak butter

Within minutes of ordering, we were given complimentary wholegrain bread, which was actually really nice! I don’t know if it was supposed to be a substitute for garlic bread (I say this purely because of the taste and the accompanying butter), but the bread was soft and moist, and the crispy brown flaky crust was like heaven XD


I had spent the night before oogling at the menu (lol I’m not lame at all!) and although I reaaaally wanted to try the 1kg monster steak, I decided on the COMBO. I had a $40 budget because I had to buy a weekly ticket home that night :( which was perfect ‘cos it was only $39!  The photo has too much flash, though.

Steak & Ribs Combo: 200gm short cut sirloin steak (medium) and half rack of pork ribs – $39

The first bite of steak was veryyy tasty (but that might have been because it was fat), but the rest of it was a bit tough and chewy. Chips were potatoey (who would’ve guessed!), but the amount they gave me was pitiful T_T ..or maybe I’m just a pig.


My savaged ribs..and I hadn’t even started eating them yet. It’s easier eating ribs if you cut them all up like this beforehand …but I think I still prefer the ribs at Ribs ‘n’ Rumps. Nevertheless, my plate was scraped clean less than half an hour later. 


Grilled Calamari – $14

Calamari, flash grilled with lemon butter & served with rice

Thick slices of calamari of epic proportions, nestled on a bed of rosemary-infused rice. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such humongous calamari ..they had a really strong lemon flavour but despite its deceptively juicy look, it was actually quite dry.


my highly photogenic eating companion <3 He ordered the combo as well, with a side of chips (you can get chips or baked potato with sour cream & chives)


Hurricane’s Beef Burger – $16

300gm of lean beef, lettuce, and onions on a sesame bun ! Also came with a side of either chips or baked potato.


Prawns Villa Moura – $40

Clarence River King Prawns butterflied, then grilled Portuguese style in lemon butter. Came on a bed of rice with salad, as well as an extra plate of with three little pots of sauce and butter: peri-peri sauce, garlic butter and lemon butter. I didn’t actually try this, but to pay $40 for 5 prawns …lol.


Rump 750gm with baked potato – $39

To give you all an idea of the size of the 750gm steak ..doesn’t really look like eating 1kg would be that hard :.


Full rack of pork ribs – $33

This is supposed to be what Hurricane’s is famous for, and again, comes with either chips, or baked potato with sour cream and chives. I don’t know how anyoneee can stomach a full rack of ribs – I had a half rack of lamb ribs the other day and got so sick of eating lamb ..over and over again. But then when you’re eating pork, it is another story ..


Hurricane’s Grill & Bar Restaurant Darling Harbour (v. 27/04/09)
Shops 433 – 436, Level 2, Harbourside Shopping Centre
Darling Harbour, Sydney
Ph: (02) 9211 2210

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