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French Riviera, Sydney

It is shameful and embarrassing that it has been over a month since I last blogged ! But I’m blogging with eight minutes to spare of not having a single September post :)

Anyways, if any of you know me at all you’ll be well acquainted with my love affair with ice cream.
And if you’re any sort of ice cream junkie, a trip to French Riviera is well in order !


Even though some of the flavours are hit or miss (do NOT try the hazelnut one!!), any ice cream lover can’t miss out on a visit to French Riviera!

The array of flavours and the tasty combinations make it a place well worth visiting, and there are a million and one things I could say about their servings of epic proportions.


So before we start, we’re given glasses of room-temperature water. It proves a blessing for those who don’t have a sweet tooth ..and boy, do I have a sweet tooth.


Rainbow Gastronomic Surprise (2-3 people) – $32
Available in Super [4-5 people @ $37] or Maxi [6+ people @ $45]

If there’s only one reason to go to French Riviera, this is it. Scoops upon scoops of coconut, yoghurt, redcurrant, hazelnut, raspberry and mango ice cream, as well as your regular strawberry and chocolate as well. There are more flavours besides the ones I mentioned – the list is endless!  And ohhh so good =9
Some of the flavours are generally better than others (redcurrant gelato, anyone??), and I’m reaaaally NOT a fan of the chocolate sauce…but each to their own!


Maple Syrup Waffles – $9

The Gastronomic Surprise wasn’t quite enough for me so we got waffles :) Which were freaking deliiiicious. The maple syrup comes in a small glass so you can put as much or as  little as you like. 
Not only warm, but they were crunchy and thick – just the way I like them :)


Waffle – $3.50

Soo good were they that I had to order another ! LOL, I didn’t know you could order a waffle by itself for $3.50, so you’re not paying an extra $5.50 for 2 scoops of ice cream & whipped cream.
They give it to you plus icing sugar, and I had maple syrup left over from the first one. I’ve also been wanting to try the waffles at Smile Mart on George St! Hrmm…


One scoop – $5
vanilla & chocolate sauce

A second visit to French Riviera prompted us to try the different sundaes they have on offer (and coincidentally my companions for the third visit ordered the exact same sundaes)…

Delice – $16
Chocolate, Walnut, coconut, hazelnut, whipped cream & crunchy nuts


Banana Split – $26
vanilla ice cream, banana, chocolate sauce, whipped cream & crunchy nuts


Gastronomic Surprise – $32

Couldn’t resist getting another one of these, if not just for the novelty :)


Fraise Melba – $16
Vanilla, fresh strawberries, strawberry sauce, whipped cream & crunchy nuts

Helen wanted to get chocolate sauce instead of the strawberry sauce, and was it the BIGGEST MISTAKE EVER or what! I am reaaaally not a fan of their chocolate sauce – it just tastes so …fake.


Third visit :)

One scoop – $5

Usually, when most places say ‘one scoop’, they mean one meagre scoop of ice cream on a waffle cone or perhaps a small plate.  At French Riviera, ‘one scoop’ equates to a single scoop of ice cream …on a base of more compacted scoops of ice cream. I looove places that are generous with their servings :)


Delice – $16
Chocolate, Walnut, coconut, hazelnut, whipped ream & crunchy nuts

Kim decided to order alone because the thought of sharing ice cream with someone else (“indirect kissing”, as Lawson puts it) turns her off. But as we should all know by now, a serving for one equates a serving for 2 (or 3, if you have a small appetite), and I think she nearly cried when she saw how big her sundae was :p


Fraise Melba – $16
Raspberry, redcurrant, strawberry, fresh strawberries, strawberry sauce, whipped cream & crunchy nuts

Putting a more berry-themed spin on the Fraise Melba saw the replacement of three scoops of vanilla ice cream with a scoop of raspberry, redcurrant, and strawberry. Strawberry tasted like the typical supermarket variety, and raspberry wasn’t really that different from strawberry. :s Redcurrant was deliciiious though ! Probably because it was gelato ..
Upon first serving us, though, they forgot to give us the fresh strawberries !!

NB: strawberry sauce is waaay nicer than the chocolate :)


Tahitienne – $26
Mixed Ice-cream, Banana fruit, Rum/Chocolate Sauce, Whipped Cream & Crunchy Nuts

A nutty chocolate twist on the Tahitienne, Hashan chose chocolate & walnut ice cream for his sundae. The rum is a subtle flavour – not strong enough for him, but definitely enough for me – and apparently they use real rum!

Although the regulars (e.g. chocolate and strawberry) aren’t the best ice creams I’ve had, props to French Riviera’s accommodating style in personalising the sundaes to your fancy. You can pretty much choose any sundae on the menu and replace the flavours of ice cream/sauce at no extra charge :) 
The servings are also amazingly generous, although I’m thinking it’s the novelty of the place and the portion size that keeps me coming back for more, rather than the ice cream itself (although you can get pretty weird flavours here too!)

Service is generally pretty good, down to pulling up extra chairs & tables for us, to opening up the second level for our group of nine when there wasn’t enough space downstairs. On my last visit though, they tried to overcharge us with an extra sundae, so it’s probably easier to pay as a group rather than split!


French Riviera Ice Cream (visited 03/07/09, 30/07/09 & 29/09/09)
Shop 5
68 Liverpool St
Tel: 9264 2932


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