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What’s better than a gorgeous piece of artwork and an mindblowingly delicious piece of food ?

A combination of the two ?

Did I hear anyone say fondant cake ?

Despite its orgasmic appearance, I would be the first one to admit that fondant cakes are not exactly to my taste. Sugar icing that’s thick and not so sweet is something that, perhaps if given the chance, I would steer clear of !

Having said that, browsing for cakes for my birthday this year, I found the most amazing fondant cake bakery online in the form of Victoria’s Cakes.


Hazelnut cake base with strawberries & a chocolate mud cake – $160 + $10 (for a layer of fresh fruit) + $40 delivery (pick up available)

May I just say that this bakery absolutely put my world upside down in changing my opinion on fondant cakes – and it is such a pity that it is operates solely online!

Victoria was absolutely amazing in terms of catering to my request, and was lovely enough to bake a spare green fondant mud cake (no photos, unfortunately!) at no extra charge, as she was worried the main cake would not be enough to serve all the guests (70 – 80 pax, and believe me, the main cake would have been more than enough!)

Not only was the cake sweet on the eye, but it was tantalising on the palate – fresh, moist, and a true star for any event !

Cake flavours ranged from chocolate to vanilla, lemon to honey, and coconut to hazelnut – and considering fondant cakes of this calibre would usually cost from $300 – $700, the price-quality rapport is definitely up there !

And as for the theme of my party ?

…I can leave you to guess that ;)

Victoria’s Cakes
Sutherland Shire


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If you have an Asian bun craving, Sydney CBD is definitely the place to be !

From Barby’s to 85 Degrees, Saint Honore to Savoy, buns and cakes are raining down on you everywhere and it would be well worth your while to dash through this bun storm with an open mouth raised to the skies.
(NB: Mentioning 85 Degrees George St is a bit of an exaggeration :( If you want more than cake and drink you have to go to the one in Chatswood !!)

Franchises and sole traders litter the streets of Sydney, and it was only a few years ago when Breadtop suddenly appeared one day and then began popping up everywhere.


One of the interesting things about Breadtop is the peek-a-boo kitchen, so if you manage to bypass the temptation that is Miracle Supermarket and Shu Shin Bou (the mochi house in World Square!), you will get a glimpse of the bakers making their breads and pastries in the shop :D so fingers crossed that the food is always fresh and tasty


From the East Asian take on ham & cheese croissants and mini danishes and burgers, to the more exotic flavours of seafood hash brown and seaweed pork floss buns, you can always find something super special to tickle your tastebuds


Much like this, the new bamboo charcoal bun:

Bamboo Charcoal Bun – $2
Healthy nutritious bun made of bamboo charcoal, topped with a slight butter touch and garlic paste

is anyone game enough to try it out ? Grace says it tastes like a croissant, but it sure as anything doesn’t look like one !


Also, which Breadtop would be complete without selling bread ?! Think chocolate chip buns, milk bread, and even sourdough bread at an exorbitant price ! I haven’t tried the sourdough (so the bread may very well warrant its price), but the chocolate chip buns are a flavour hit for a cool $3 for a bag of 6.


Freshly stocked cake display


Cake display at the end of the day


Mango Gateau – $31

This is indeed tasty cake ! It doesn’t come with chocolate Maltesers or a gummy snake mouth, but it does come with strawberries, mango, glaze and generous servings of fluffy cream and sponge.


Packaging advertising their pastry and bun offerings


Strawberry Tart – $3.40

I love Asian desserts ! For $3.40, I daresay a lot of Asians will find this expensive as tarts go, but compare them to other bakeries! For the freshness of the strawberries, the crisp yet sturdy shortbread base, and the melt-in-your-mouth custard, ’tis a true bargain to be reckoned with.


Fruit Tart – $3.40

Possibly one of the gems of Breadtop.

A wide selection of fruits including rockmelon, pear, pineapple, grape, strawberry, orange, honeydew and lychee, Breadtop gives you 2 of almost everything (one ring of pineapple and a melon apiece) so you can share it with your lover and best friend :D and no fighting over the lychees !

I usually find Asian custard quite lumpy and powdery, so to find Breadtop’s thick custard with smooth consistency is like a dream come true :D
The only problem is that not every Breadtop has nice custard – but if you’re not a picky person you can try all their cakes and tarts at every single Breadtop to find the best custard in the world :D


Breadtop 包店 (visited 23/06/09)
World Square
Shop 9.22
644 George St, Sydney
Ph: (02) 9264 1383

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Emperor’s Garden Cake & Bakery, home to hot little custard balls, more commonly known as Emperor’s Puffs, and a variety of cheap Asian buns and cakes!


Swiss Cheese cake, Tiramisu, Fresh Cream Strawberry Puff, Eclair ($1.80 each)

The two best things about Emperor’s Garden Cake & Bakery are the variety of cakes and the cheap price. Throw in a 10% discount to celebrate their 30th anniversary, and you’ve got yourself super super cheap cakes !


One thing I have noticed about their selection of cakes is that they’re never the same ! You might endeavour to try allll of them, but the next time you go, they’ve got a new cake selection :D And it’s much more worth it buying their slices of cake for $1.80 apiece, rather than a super huge cake from their birthday cake selection.


Again ..I apologise for the bad quality of photos – using my phone camera againnn :(


Passionfruit & Apricot Mousse – $1.80
Convenient packaging, and a tasty morsel of cake to feast on =9

If you like soft, moist mousse, fruit in your cakes, and a deliciously light and fluffy sponge, then Emperor’s Garden is definitely the place to go to ! The portion is just enough as well, because I don’t think I could eat too much of this cake – although I can never OD on apricot.
I have tried their tiramisu here though, and can’t say I was too keen on it – a bit too much cream for my liking.


A birthday cake we bought sometime in March last year.
If you haven’t noticed, the birthday cakes at Emperor’s Garden are perpetually on discount – I think it’s about 10%.
Don’t remember how much this one cost, but ’twas your typical Chinese cake – vanilla sponge sandwiched with cream and covered in cream, cream buds, and fruit – strawberries, rockmelon, honeymelon, peaches, and kiwi fruit – and layered with gelatin glaze.


For comparison’s sake, and just because I can, here’s a photo of a Mother’s Day cake I bought earlier this year at Montagne Bleue :


Taro Sponge cake – $29
Taro sponge cake layered with cream and covered with strawberry cream, chocolate icing, and fresh strawberries.

The people at Montagne Bleue, although without a fine grasp of English (Mandarin speakers only!), were incredibly hospitable in making this cake – and for $29 too!
I came rushing up on the night of Mother’s Day with a friend, looking for a cake, and the owners here offered to make a cake similar to the one on display for us (for a half-hour wait), and even went so far to ask which shade of pink I wanted (lool – I was having trouble enough saying I wanted a cake in Mandarin).
The front bit was a bit messy, as you can probably tell from the photo, but for a rush job and the hospitality of the staff, I’d definitely go back.


Emperor’s Garden Cake & Bakery (visited 01/06/09)
Cnr Dixon St, 100 Hay St
Haymarket NSW 2000

Montagne Bleue (visited 11/05/09)
45 Dixon St
Haymarket NSW 2000

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I don’t know if you all feel the buzz that comes from grand openings and free food (speaking of which, did anyone try the KFC Cayan Grill Fillet burgers at the burger giveaway today at George st ?!), but talks of a new German bakery opening up in the Central Station tunnel was enough to pull me away from my virgin plans of trying a KFC pocketful (and hash brown!!).


The first time I heard of Lüneburger was last year, when I was working at Challenger. The EY kiddies there were raving about a fabulous German bakery down in QVB, and of course, for lunch we had to try it ! Not only do they do bread rolls and pastries, they’re well renowned for their sandwiches – which were sadly NOT on display at the Grand Opening in Central.


Free coffee was the lure of today’s grand opening.

I just realised the sign said that the world’s barista champion of 2003, Paul Bassett, was on duty ! ..but he must have been on a break when we got there, because sadly enough, my mocha was possibly the most terrible coffee I’ve ever had (and that includes machine-bought coffees) :( .

We reasoned that this was probably because the attraction of today was the baked goodies !!, and not the high quality coffee – not to mention that I saw someone mass-steaming jugs of milk – and someone else pouring the milk into the various coffee cups filled with expresso coffee and chocolate syrup.


Then again, it IS free coffee ! So can’t complain

And I expect it’s hard to continuously produce quality when pouring cups of coffee for hundreds of customers (especially since Lüneburger is situated in the Central thoroughfare – i.e. the tunnel going from Central to TAFE – so lots of passersby itching for their daily coffee fix).


Butter croissant – $2.50

And in the corner, what I think is butter croissant with nut-nougat filling, topped with hazelnut kernel semolina

Phone photo focus is a little soft at the front =[ I should really get into the habit of bringing my camera around with me, haha


Apple triangle (apfelecke), Cherry-hazelnut pastry (L-R) ..not sure what the last one is


Rhubarb buttercrumble (Johannesbeer Butterstreusel) – $3.50

This was extreeeemely tastyy ! Sweet and crumbly, and I really liked the textured icing on top. Apparently it’s a wheat roll (which means it’s healthy! haha but you can’t even tell)


Pudding danish with jam – $3.50

Grace had a pretzel – solid, and lightly salted – kind of like the Pretzel World pastries, and I think Tim had a chocolate croissant (Buttercroissant mit Schokocreme) …which he probably fell in love with after. yumm :)


Lüneburger German Bakery (visited 28/05/09)
Henry Deane Plaza (Central)
Shop 14a1 14-18 Lee St
Haymarket NSW 2008

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