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My first experience with mi goreng was when a certain acquaintance of mine cooked it at a friend’s birthday, and let me tell you – it. was. terrible. Out of loyalty, I tried to eat the dish, until the cook himself tried it and proclaimed, “Why are you poisoning yourself!? Stop eating this!”
I swore off mi goreng for the next two years …until a road trip down south earlier this year reignited my love for the noodle.

Despite the universal love for instant mi goreng, I know a lot of friends (and by friends, I mean ‘Asians’) who have NEVER bought mi goreng at a restaurant. Why?
Probably something to do with the fact that you can have your own tasty mi goreng for 79c and some hot water, so why bother paying $10+ for the same thing when you’re eating out?

But as you know, curiosity always kills the cat (or the waist line, in my case), and after bypassing mi goreng in favour of laksa at Temasek, we decided to order it this time round.


Mee go reng – $9.80
stir fried Hokkien noodles with soy sauce, curry powder, egg and vegetables

Let me just say now that comparing instant “mi goreng” to restaurant style “mee go reng” is like comparing a walrus to a turtle.
COMPLETELY INCOMPARABLE. Not only do they use noodles from different sides of the universe, Khao Thai’s mee go reng was neglecting the chilli and spice you come to expect of insta-noodle.

Not to say that this wasn’t passable – the chicken was sweet, and although the broccoli, capsicum & carrots were standard and Helen deemed it salty, it was still nice …but I’d still prefer mi goreng.

If you’re looking for Malaysian fried noodle, then HIT the dish (if we’re talking about ‘hit-or-miss’, haha) ! But if you were weaned on 2 minute mi goreng and looking to satisfy THAT craving ONLY, then this dish would be a miss. But naturally, that makes sense, since “mi goreng” means “fried noodle”, and instant mi goreng is …anything, but fried.


Som tum – $9.80
Green papaya salad
peanuts, chilli, garlic, lime juice, sugar and soy sauce

“Hey, there’s this other Thai place nearby .. it’s called Moo Cow or something, the one with tom yum lunch specials! Maybe they sell papaya salad..”

Khao Thai and Satang Thai are both a stone’s throw from UTS library, but the latter doesn’t serve papaya salad! :(

Nevertheless, the one we found was tasty! ..in small quantities only. Although I’d still prefer eating the scent of The Body Shop’s papaya lotion, this salad was deliciously crunchy – but an overdose of fruit in a salad makes you extreeemely full, and will probably kill your palate for anything else :(.

The crunchy strips of papaya were juicy, and the peanuts sprinkled on top provided an interesting texture. The menu said that the dish had lime juice and sugar – the former of which you could taste, and the sugar didn’t make the salad overly sweet at all. Definitely worth getting to share as an entree.



Black sticky rice with custard- $3.50

For $3.50, this dessert is an absolute steal! It’s actually advertised on a piece of paper plastered on the wall, and it was fate that we saw it :D. Although it was advertised as ‘black sticky rice with custard’, the rice was more reminiscent of red bean, and the ‘custard’ was like a gloppy version of Chinese steamed sponge cake covered with condensed milk. To be honest, I’m not a real fan of either, but put it together and this dessert is heaven :D Or maybe it’s because of the super cheap price tag…


My deepest apologies for the dodgy photos – was using my old old phone camera ‘cos I had nothing else! :(


Khao Thai (visited 08/10/09)
Shop 10
37 Ultimo Rd
Haymarket, 2000
Tel: 9212 1080


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Castle Hill is probably one of the last places you’d go to if you were looking for authentic Thai cuisine – but multiculturalism is a great thing if you can even find Thai food in the most un-Thai of places :)


Despite an amazingly dark interior, Pimarn Thai has an interesting colour scheme: fuschia pink panels set against bright blue walls, something which clashes with the warm smell of tangy lemon that infiltrates your nostrils the second you step inside.


The menu – self-proclaimed ‘Authentic Thai Cuisine’


Green tea


I’ve had an on-and-off craving for pineapple fried rice ever since I got fried rice in a giaaaant pineapple at a Thai place in Capitol Theatre. I’m guessing their English at Pimarn Thai isn’t very good, though – before I ordered the pineapple fried rice here, I asked if it came in a pineapple – she said yes, but it didn’t :(


Pineapple fried Rice with egg (not spicy) + chicken = $12.50
Choice of either chicken and vegetables (12.50), prawns (16.90) or mixed vegetables (12.50)

After I got over the initial disappointment of my fried rice being on a plate rather than in a pineapple, I found the food itself pretty good. Although you can’t see it in the photo, there’s actually a sole slice of tomato in here ! ..not usual affair for a plate of fried rice.


Pha Ram Long Song – $13
Spinach, chicken breast fillet and beef topped with peanut sauce

When you think ‘peanut sauce’, you’d think ‘peanut’, right? The weird thing was, I could’ve sworn that there was a hint of mango in here :s This dish was really good though ! The sauce wasn’t too thick and didn’t have a sandy texture like some Thai places – Crunchy peanut pieces and spicy ‘mango’-flavoured chicken makes for a tasty dish :) Probably better with rice though, but you can always order it on the side – some Thai places include it with (or in) your order.


Pad See Eu – $12
Rice noodles stir fried with vegetables, egg and soy sauce
Choice of chicken or beef ($12), prawns ($16.40) or mixed vegetables ($12)

Weren’t the best rice noodles around and were super oily, but looking at the greens right now is making me hungry :(

Although I can’t vouch for the authenticity (seeing as I think the owner was Chinese), the food was good enough that I polished off the remains of the 3 plates by myself (but then, when don’t I ever?). Don’t know if I’d ever come back just because it’s so out of the way, but it’s definitely worth a try. :)


Pimarn Thai (visited 24/06/09)
1A, 19 – 21 Terminus St
Castle Hill, NSW 2154
Ph: (02) 9899 7199

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If you’ve ever visited UTS library, you’d probably have noticed that gigantic handbag store on Quay St that never seems to have any customers.
…And if you haven’t noticed it, then CLEARLY you haven’t gone to UTS library enough ! haha

But anyway, it closed down a few weeks ago, and on Tuesday, when I was walking along Quay St I saw a giant orange sign saying ‘GRAND OPENING 7 MAY’.


If you look closely you can see two guys from my uni trying to get a table …and being told that there was a forty minute wait -_-

I had a one hour break after class on Thursday, so rounding up two of my favourite food partners (we almost failed a uni assignment because we spent all our time eating instead of studying), we traipsed off to Satang Thai.

.If you didn’t already know, there’s another Satang Thai directly opposite this new establishment – this ridiculously tiny but veryyy popular takeaway Thai shop on Quay St. They have eat-in facilities, but there are about three tables in there, so if you ever get a spot you can count yourself among the six people that sit there everyday (no, I’m joking).


Sleek, modern, and definitely WAY more than three tables

We almost didn’t go because ten minutes beforehand, we had heard news of free lunch on Castlereagh St as well as free Starbucks coffee, BUT…the allure of the Grand Opening prevailed (so much so that I actually ended up staying there for the rest of my break and missing an hour of my pre-exam class).

The second we stepped in, we were told by the aforementioned two uni friends that there was a forty minute wait on tables (and that the Grand Opening meant everything was $5!!!), so we went inside and asked for bookings instead …and lo and behold, they seated the three of us at a table rightaway!


The token jugs of water you get at pretty much any Korean restaurant, and apparently a few Thai ones a well.


The feature wall on the staircase leading upstairs.

We got a little more excited than we should have looking at the menu, anddd in true Asian style ($5 for each meal!!) eventually decided on eight dishes (two entrees and six mains between three people).
UNFORTUNATELY, they weren’t doing entrees that day, which was probably better for us, because we were going a little overboard with what we were going to order.


Khao Kha Moo – $5 (Menu price: $9)
Stewed pork leg with Chinese spices, served with pickled cabbage and steamed rice

My thought processes when I first ate this went a little something like this: 1) it tastes like soggy soup. 2) the chilli jam is really chilli. 3) the pickles are soggy too!!!
Nevertheless, because it’s STEWED pork leg, it made everything taste like soup (the rice, the pork, the pickles, the chilli), and it was overall veryyy wet. Also, because I have a really low tolerance for spicy stuff, but I was told from Chris, our resident chilli expert (and wine connoisseur) that the chilli jam was a Level 7.


Pad Thai (seafood) – $5 (Menu price: $10.50)
Stirfried thin rice noodle with house special sauce, egg, beansprout and garlic chive, tossed with crushed peanut.

Pad thai is possibly my favouriteee Thai food in the world (pad siew has nothing on this shiz) ! And because I’d never tried seafood pad thai, seafood was definitely the way to go XD . There was a serving of bean sprouts and a wedge of lemon (in typical pad thai fashion), as well as a clump of crushed garlic on the side, littered with shallots. The noodle and sauce had a warm, smooth consistency and the actual seafood was REAL seafood – prawns (with their tails) and squid – as opposed to err…Subway seafood flakes?


Duck Pad Phed – $5 (Menu price: $13.50)
Stirfried roast duck with red curry, coconut milk, peppercorn, herb roots, green bean, apple eggplant and sweet basil

Chef’s suggestion! This and the pad thai was possibly my favourite dish of the lot!  It was pretty spicy, and we even tried eating the little green grape-shaped peppercorns (bad move – don’t do it) – you can see them above the fork in the photo above. There were mushrooms too, and a subtle coconut flavour which complemented the chilliness very nicely. :D Duck meat was chewy but tasty =9


Cashew nut (with chicken) – $5 (Menu price: $12.50)
Chicken stirfried with tomato sauce, garlic water chestnut, cashew nut and vegetables

Instead of chicken, you can also choose either pork, beef, or seafood (and I think maybe even tofu)!
There was baby corn, carrot strips, slices of onions and shallots …as well as the crunchy crunchy cashew nuts! Couldn’t really taste the tomato sauce at all, but still very goood


Boong dang – $5 (Menu price: $8.50)
Stirfried morning glory with fresh chilli and garlic

I think morning glory is water spinach (or else it tastes exactlyyy the same!), but this was the vegetarian dish we ordered :D Rice was gluggy and soft (all the dishes came with rice except for the pad thai ..and did I mention that the rice on each dish had a different texture? lool), and they had whole chilli slices that looked like capsicum!


Squid Kai Khem – $5 (Menu price: $13.50)
Stirfried squid with salted egg, shallot, onion and celery

Another chef’s suggestion! If you’re a fan of sticky rice, you’ll probably like the rice in this dish. The entire thing had the sandy taste of sticky rice egg (even the squid)! ..Got varied responses (from Chris, who loooved it, and Grace, who thought it was pretty :) ..I personally thought it was pretty good, but NOTHINGG beats pad thai (yess!)


Our overcrowded table

The bill for the whole meal was $30 – so $10 per head. The only problem with each of these dishes is that they were all mains for ONE person ..and we ordered six. It was pretty funny when we were ordering, because when we got to the fourth dish, the waitress gave us a really weird look and blurted, “You’re ordering a FOURTH?!”
(I think she also thought we were going to run off without paying, because she made us pay our bill BEFORE she sent off our order)

Also, when the food was coming out, a waiter came over and asked us if we wanted to move to another table …because there was no more space for anything else -_-.

We actually came in the middle of the lunch rush, and were the last ones to leave after they’d stopped trading for lunch. BUT we finished everything and we gave life to several food babies at the end of it (L) ..so definitely well worth it!


Satang Thai (visited 07/05/09)
Shop 203, 107-121 Quay St
Haymarket NSW 2000
Ph: (02) 9212 5885

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