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After spending an entire day sprawled on Daniel’s various pieces of furniture, the last thing I wanted to do was go out to eat – but alas! No choice.. and it was to my great displeasure that I was dragged out (in the rain!) to the Chinese side of Eastwood to feast on crappy pho.



I was the lone loser standing outside, taking photographs of the carniverous cow ! ..everyone else was already inside, ordering T_T

As soon as you step into Pho Nam Viet, you’re immediately given a huge silver thermos accompanied with boiling plastic cups of tea (which really just tastes like hot water ..but coloured), as well as menus thrown in your face.

The one thing that irked me was that the waitresses didn’t give us enough menus to share between the eight of us – which was pretty lame, all things considered. Although when Sidney spilt his tea all over the table, I’d have to give them credit for being super speeedy in bustling around and cleaning it all up XD

Since I was half asleep, I don’t remember how much everything was …but all the meals were about ten dollars anyway, give or take a dollar.


Crispy chicken and red rice – $10 ?


Vermicelli with stirfried beef and lemon grass – $9.50


Chicken fried rice – $10


Pork Chop red rice

I think the pork chops here were really tough and chewy, because Angela couldn’t finish it (but then apparently she says she never finishes anythinggg). Tomato rice is definitely one of my loves, though <3


Beef and rice ..?

Some beef and rice concoction that Goon ordered ..he had no idea what this was, either .. and can you believe that they actually served it to him, looking like THAT ?!
Definitely not winning any Masterchef food presentation awards with this dish!
Hahaha, no I kid. :)

After walking past another pho place on Rowe St, Sisi and I had a huuuge craving for pho. I didn’t really feel like eating meat, though, but unfortunately you can’t get plain old pho anywheree (or if you can, I haven’t found it yet =( ) ! Unfortunately, the waitresses were getting pretty impatient so I just settled on the first (or third) recommendation I was given.


Combination chicken noodle soup – $9.50

And can I just say (for want of a better word) …..it was CRAP.

It has literally been years since I haven’t finished a meal, and maybe it was because I was feeling really sick, or really lethargic, that I was too tired to finish this off …who knows.

Such was this anomaly that Rosy came up after everyone but me had finished eating, and immediately assumed that I’d ordered 2 meals instead ..when in actual fact, I was still slugging away over the first one

Then again, they say everything tastes better when you’re hungry ….so if we apply the inverse, it explains why I didn’t finish it!
I ended up leaving more than half behind –  IMO the chicken wasn’t particularly good (some of it was tooo soft, other pieces were too stringy), the soup was pretty bland (and oily!), and the noodles were nothing spectacular. As for the egg yolks, that chalky looking piece of plastic is enough to turn anyone off eating there, forever.

Not to say that this is a bad place to eat ! I’m sure lots of other people enjoyed their meals, and I’d definitely come again (when I’m not feeling like I’m about to faint) to see if the food is good or not! ..and also because I guess I’m just not a very picky person.

Pho Nam Viet (visited 22/05/09)
142 Rowe St
Eastwood NSW 2122
Ph: (02) 9874 0929
Fax: (02) 9874 0953


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Jai Ho!
I got fever running like a fire,
For you I will go all the way,
I wanna take you higher
Jai Ho!


Gia Hoi, the newest Vietnamese restaurant to hit George St, makes me think of the Pussycat Dolls’ interpretation of the A. R. Rahman’s Slumdog Millionaire song.


If you ever get a terrible fake tan à la Lindsay Lohan, Gia Hoi is definitely the place to seek refuge while you wait for the orangeness to go away.
From the glaringly bright neon orange sign to the classy orange chopsticks, you could blend right into the walls and no one would notice! Everything is the colour of an oompa loompa: orange walls, orange uniform, orange chairs, orange menus, orange bowls, orange tables …but funnily enough, they had a yellow Grand Opening sign.


Gia Hoi’s street sign, and the charming display of its nearby vendors in the background


Grand Opening: 10% off!


mmm.. Play-doh!


My fellow food companion and I had spent the day (or the previous three hours) slaving away in the library over our Chinese assignment, so come 4pm, the perfect time to indulge our stomachs: well after the lunch rush had ended and just before the dinner rush would begin.

We were ushered inside by an eagerly awaiting man (I’m guessing the boss?), and an orange-clad waitress itching to take our order, pen and paper at the ready!


Special Beef Noodle Soup (Pho Dac Biet) – $9 (med)

This is one of the house specials of Gia Hoi – so much so that it’s even permanently advertised on the signage outside!
Tender slices of beef and beef balls, as well as onions, shallots, tripe and your all-favourite pho! :D


Accompanied with a dish of beansprouts and a wedge of lemon ..brings back childhood memories of eating at Flemington


Grilled pork and spring rolls with rice vermicelli (Bun Thit Nuong Cha Gio) – $9

Nuts, lettuce, and pork-jerky-tasting grilled pork (yummm), and the spring roll pastry tasted like biscuits!


Orange side dishes of chilli and nuoc cham

Don’t know how most people eat it, but I usually drown the vermicelli with nuoc cham and munchhh away :D


Chè ba màu (Three Colour Sweet) – $4
Shaved ice and sweet coconut milk, with green cendol, yellow mung beans, and red azuki beans, with a dash of peanuts on top

Superr sweet and super tasty! …it’s the SUPER drink for SUPERmen (according to Grace, it even beats the ice kachang at Market City)


Cam So da Sua Hot Ga (Orange, Soda, Milk Egg Yolk) – $4

This was possibly one of the strangest combinations I’d ever heard of, butttt Yes Men say yes!
Thick, creamy, egg-flavoured liquid flecked with orange; the first thing you can taste is condensed milk and carbonated soda, with a slight eggy aftertaste (Fear Factor, anyone?). Even though it was pretty nice, I don’t think I could drink more than a glass at a time ..verrrry s l o w l y as well (just because the idea of drinking egg yolk freaks me out)


And for those of you who missed the grand opening, never fear! I walked past Gia Hoi again today, and the banner was still there so CHANCES ARE the 10% discount is still on!

So hurry hurry hurrrrry! And even if it’s not, GO ANYWAY! and try some delicious phooo =9

Catch me, catch me, catch me, come and catch me!
I want you now!

Jai Ho!


Gia Hoi (visited 13/05/09)
709 George St
Sydney 2000
Tel: (02) 9211 0221

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