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It’s been a nasty 10 months, and I hang my head in shame for neglecting my beloved food blog for so long. Spent the last six and a half months in Paris & travelling Europe, dining on good bread, fine wine, and ….reindeer !

More about that later, though …
Because the call of food photography and dessert has coaxed me out of my lazy shell to blog about what may possibly be the best thing since sliced bread – Oliver Brown !!

In my humble opinion, dessert ice cream is quite possibly the greatest invention known to mankind. So you can only imagine my excitement when my darling friend told me about a cheaper Max Brenner-esque place, with delicious waffles and tasty ice cream!

Hot Chocolate (dark) – $ ? 

As an avid non-drinker of hot chocolate, steering clear of dark chocolate as well, it is a testament to how delicious a dark hot chocolate is if ….I can stand drinking it. Either that, or it’s very sweet.
And I have a sweet tooth … sooooooo..:)


Belgian Waffles for 2 – $14
Waffles, banana slices, strawberries & whipped cream with melted chocolate 

After visiting Belgium and feasting on Belgian waffles for three days’ straight, you can imagine my reluctance to try Australian-Belgian waffles again…

Unfortunately, Belgian waffles are renowned for a reason, and despite this café’s claim to be a Belgian chocolate café, one does well to remember that chocolate ≠ waffles.

But that’s okay !! Crusty, crunchy warm waffle (a bit on the dry side) drizzled with delicious hot chocolate, fresh bananas and strawberries …with a side of whipped cream (eek)!

Nevertheless, it was still good enough to seduce me into coming back just under 2 weeks later, and boy am I glad I did !


On my second visit, the first beauty we saw was this :

A friend’s dessert – $ ?? (to be updated)
Vanilla, strawberry and mint ice cream, with Oreos, fruit loops & a wafer stick 


And although this dessert is a sight for sore eyes (and I can only imagine how delicious), the real kicker is below ..:


Ice cream fondue for 2 – $18
Strawberry, vanilla and mint ice cream; marshmallows; bananas; strawberries; and two dipping pots of dark and milk chocolate

Orgasmic! The very first time I saw ice cream fondue was at Häagen-Dazs on the Champs-Elysées ..and from that point in time, I vowed I’d find somewhere in Australia to try it. And whaddya know !!
I don’t know about you, but all the other fondues I’ve had just aren’t as …amazing as this one. The fondue stays warm with a small candle burning merrily away underneath, but I must say I do prefer the milk. :)
You use one of those long-stemmed utensils with a spoon on one end and a fork on the other (anyone know the name ??) to dip your ice cream in the chocolate fondue ….which hardens within seconds Ice-Magic-style :).

And of course, this was so delicious, I just had to go back less than a week later.   

Ice cream fondue for 2 – $18
Vanilla, chocolate, and mint ice cream with strawberries and bananas (no marshmallows!!); with milk & dark chocolate fondue

Helpful hint: don’t leave the ice cream next to the burning candle if you’re going to eat another dessert first. …unless you like ice cream soup.


Belgian waffle for One & ice cream – $9.50

And of course, who can resist another waffle if there’s a side of ice cream ? :)


Oliver Brown Chocolate Café (visited 20/04/11, 01/05/11, 06/05/11)
Top Ryde City Shopping Centre
Level Street, Shop F1, Cnr Devlin St & Blaxland Rd
Ryde NSW 2112
Ph: (02) 9809 7007


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Ice cream is one of those foods that I could eat everyday, and after every meal (ice cream party, anyone?)

After finishing exams on Tuesday night, the contingency plan for a half-hour wait at Sunshine Crepe led to the four of us trooping to Coles in the cold weather and buying two boxes of ice cream (twelve bars all up), where we just sat outside, pigging out.

Would it be embarrassing to admit that my heart beats just that little bit faster whenever the word “ice cream” comes up (must be from all the fattiness clogging up my arteries ..hahaha) – and ’tis the same with Passionflower and their self-proclaimed dessert culture – a place where ice cream and fruit join together in holy matrimony and make sweet, sweet loooove.

Desserts here rally around the $14 mark, which some may think is a little pricey, but if you’ve got your student ID card, you can get 10% off at the George St store (dno about the Capitol one though) ….and if you’re a UNSW Law student ..well, you get discounts just about anywhere -_-”


Lasting Luv – $14
A combination of strawberry & mango ice cream, dressed with a mix cocktail of peaches, cherries & strawberries, dazzled with strawberry syrup

do you see the “dazzling” ..haha, the fruit ice cream here is reallyyyy good :) But I think you can still get the same quality of ice cream at Baskin & Robbins, Gelatissimo …or even your local grocery store !


Playmate – $14
three scoops of lychee & rose petal ice cream, with hard coconut and lychee jelly, and lychee strawberry syrup

Albert had been raving about lychee & rose petal ice cream for weeks, and so I hadddd to try it. I gave Justin the first bite though ..to my mistake.
As soon as he had a lick, he burst into raucous peals of …laughter? pain? God knows.. :\ hahah and it all stemmed from the flowery taste of the ice cream. If you’ve never tried it, the first thing you can taste is lychee (duh)….but then a subtle rose flavour creeps up and hits you. Justin had a good giggle about this for agessss


Final Fantasy – $14
black sesame & coconut ice cream accompanied by cool refreshing pieces of black jelly, drowned in a shot of evaporated milk

The one thing I don’t really like about Passionflower is their jelly. It is always sosososooo hard, like the ones you get at yum cha or buffet. I’ll take soft Aeroplane jelly anyday, thanks !
I do like how they actually give you a shot of condensed milk separate to the ice cream, though, so you can put in as little or as much as you like (or none, if, like me, you’re also not a fan of condensed milk ..although I did put a little on for comparison’s sake, and I musttt say, everything is so much better WITHOUT it!)


Durian Milkshake – $6 ?

what looks like an innocent glass of milk is actually a noxious durian shake ! “Tastes like heaven, smells like hell” ..but I would just say that it’s hell all over. >:(

Passionflower may have the classic strawberry, vanilla or chocolate, but it’s renowned as the hotspot for Asian cravings ;) you can get green tea, black sesame, taro, and red bean all at the one placee !
..and the ice cream flavours at Passionflower even go so far as to include durian (yuck!), jackfruit, sticky rice and a new flavour, cherry blossom . I do remember that ages ago, they had wasabi-flavoured ice cream …but it appears to be written off the menu now :( ..I wonder why ….


Quick & Fast scoops of ice cream


Clockwise from top:
Mango, lychee & rose petal, durian ..and a scoop of sticky rice underneath – $15


Clockwise from top:
White chocolate hazelnut, lime sorbet, cookies & cream ..and a scoop of Japanese green tea below – $14


Hot waffles – $12.80
Freshly baked made-to-order Belgian waffles with thick chocolate syrup, a scoop of vanilla ice cream and a side of strawberries.

I think they ran out of maple syrup, so Philip made do with chocolate syrup. You can also get orange chocolate, apple, banana, chocolate mousse ..the possibilities are endless (or are they).. But because they make it when you order, the waffles are always nice and hot :)


A lot of people also don’t know that Passionflower has savoury crepes (think chicken, mushroom, etc) and cheese melts as well – I think around $10 for each one – and they are deliciouslyyy tasty when it’s a cold day (or even when it isn’t) . If the desserts are too sweet, there’s always the choice of coffee, or you can get water – the option of a self-service jug of water at the Capitol store, or asking the waitress/waiter for a few cups at the George St store.

ALSO …if your birthday is coming up, you can get a free dessert on your birthday at Passionflower (with photo I.D.), if you register your birth date here: http://www.facebook.com/topic.php?uid=51405631007&topic=8590

Unfortunately, I only just found out about this, which means I have another 359 days to go before I can claim my free dessert ! :(


Passionflower (visited 16/04/09 and 28/05/09)
580 George St
Sydney NSW 2000
Ph: (02) 9267 0075

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